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Missed the final Trogg - can I go back in?

Mar 01, 2011
I am so mad at myself because I spent five hours fighting the Nastrond dungeon characters and then when I finally beat the ice brothers - I left without getting the last Trogg!

That's all I needed to complete the quest. I can't spend another five hours in there trying to defeat all these characters just to get the Trogg but I really would like to finalize the quest.

Can I go in there now and not have to fight anyone - just get past them in order to get the last Trogg??

Feb 14, 2010
You will have to do the whole dungeon except the final battle.
When the door opens into the room with the giants you can run around them and find the Trogg without fighting them.
However, since you have to do a lot to get there it is worth fighting them again for the treasure you get from that battle.

Mar 01, 2011
Thanks for responding! I wouldn't mind fighting foes if I could spend an hour and then do something else and come back at another time, but in a dungeon, you can't be away longer than 1/2 hour or you have to start over. I really don't think that's fair and that's why I hate and miss a few dungeons because I just can't spend that much time on one, even though I enjoy fighting and being able to figure out how to beat the enemy.

Dungeons could be made like PVP and not part of the story at all. You could just pick one and fight in order to get better treasure or something without it being part of the storyline or quests that you either have to finish or want to do.

I'm not spending hours anymore on a dungeon even if the treasure is great. I had to stay up late at night to finish it. I don't have that kind of time or stamina anymore.

Thanks about not having to fight those brothers again, but even so, the time spent on the rest of it would be hours long. It's just a bad design, in my humble opinion.