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Grizzleheim 140 Spell Idea

Sep 13, 2010
I decided to have a go at creating my own spell. So for this I have created 140 spell that would essentially be found within a new side area of Grizzleheim that follows in the footsteps of an ancient warrior called Yorz Varron. Within these quests will be pieces of a runestone that when eventually brought together will give wizards this new spell. Ill give you guys a quick look at the lore of the character, the animations and the spells themselves.

Lore: Yorz Varron was once a long-forgotten warrior and one of the first Norse warriors to exist after the shattering of the First World and the Song of Creation was first sung. He ensured the survival of the now existing Grizzleheim and set a new era for his people. Shortly after chaos enveloped the spiral and the worlds were infested with corrupted enemies, Yorz had to sacrifice himself during a mass invasion on Northguard. The remaining few people from bear to wolf alike were left to hide behind the walls as they were surrounded. Yorz took to the battlefield and lay waste to countless enemies before becoming overwhelmed by the remaining creatures. In a desperate attempt to save his people from extinction, he called upon his ancient power that lay deep within the ground. This power was held within the mighty axe of Narrolin. The axe flew up out of the ground and into his hand, as the axe contacted him, an enormous burst of intense magical energy vaporised the creatures and the enemy was defeated. Even though he defeated them, his wounds were too severe to endure, and he died hours later.

A rune was created in honour of his deeds and greatness, which was placed in the middle of an alter that was made to commemorate him but shortly after the Coven decided to start reeking chaos throughout Grizzleheim, the altar was ransacked, and the rune was broken by the bandits. The rune pieces were collected and discarded. The Coven knew there was more than just a story contained within this rune, but whoever remade the rune would hold the power of Yorz himself and can command his spirit to do their bidding.

Spell Animation
This spell will be for all schools and the animation will differ slightly depending on the school, with the difference being the glow from the fog and the axe. The player casts the spell:
  • · A fog rolls in and covers the entirety of the battlefield.
  • · Yorz slowly appears walk onto the battlefield and calls forth his axe.
  • · The axe flies up from the ground and into Yorz’s left hand.
  • · His eyes glow as the axe touches him and he looks towards the enemy and powers up to throw the axe. This animation will then allow the blades/traps/critical to trigger.
  • · When Yorz throws the axe, the axe will hit all targets and then camera follows the axe around as its hits and then back to Yorz where he catches it with his left hand.
  • · Then he disappears and the fogs dissipates.
  • · Depending on the school will depend on what after affect triggers.

And here is a quick look at a concept idea I had for the card and their abilities. I wanted to add something new to the game with some of these spells. I tried to refine them as much as, but of course these spells would be subject to change if deemed too OP. Hope you guys like my idea and would love to hear what you think

Feb 22, 2012
This is amazing. I could actually see the spell Nice touch adding the background story, I love it. Hopefully this will make it into the game