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A Question Regarding Paying Crowns by Area Members

Oct 12, 2015
Hello. My name is NatalieMistBreeze. I am a Journeyman wizard. I have some comments regarding membership versus pay-by-area. I do currently have the one month membership and this is all wonderful with many different perks like double friends list, more items, and a lot less time in the hatchery. See I have a friend named DavidSoulStalker. An adept necromancer and a great guy no less, he plans to buy two-hundred dollars worth of crowns for use in opening all areas currently available in Wizard101. This is where the problem is. After thinking about doing this for awhile, KingsIsland Entertainment has released yet another world in the Spiral called Polaris. If it comes to the point where David just doesn't want to buy a membership ever(given he doesn't mind loosing many perks), to get permanent access to Polaris as well, he would need even more crowns to gain this new world. The problem is this. Say Wizard101 has another one, two, seven, or even forty something new worlds in mind for the near future. For pay-by-area only members, not only is this expensive totaling around three hundred dollars as of now, but it is kind of a waste of money for them and their parents too, paying for a game you really can never purchase every bit of. David has no job for income and relies on his parents entirely for his basic needs. David is a pay-by-area crowns member for the reason that he hates that the real memberships do run out after their time is up. He likes the peace of mind crowns give him and his wizard. If David wanted to farm Lord Nightshade during Halloween for great drops, go badge collecting, or basically anything else other than quest, David is slowly but surely wasting his membership and in essence, he isn't paying for what he needs. Not to mention, his brother DanielLegendHunter Grandmaster , noticed how he could not farm WinterBane with his little brother because he was on his membership and he did not want it running out before he could get the most out of it. That made David very sad.. Also, Daniel cannot go back to his subscription areas without his membership. Would be nice if Wizard101 would stop adding more worlds and cap it all right here. That or two more alternatives would be to buy a lifetime membership for like five hundred dollars or something, or to make crowns cheap enough to unlock all the worlds of the Spiral to come. I do understand that KingIsle needs to make money and I can appreciate that reason, but the fact that they need this much is irritating to many more than just me. I mean, please try to understand. The game is fun, do not get me wrong. Everyone loves it. The fact that KingsIsle Entertainment wants 10 dollars a month from everyone who plays Wizard101 or Pirate101 though, sums up to equal more money than anyone can calculate because Wizard101 alone has over a million players. One month from everyone is ten million dollars. I really do hope the administrators see this post and give the future some more consideration!