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what school goes good with ice?

Jul 26, 2013
Hello, My main school is ice and I was just wondering what I should do for my secondary school? Thanks!

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Well, please avoid training a school all the way until you learned it's final spell. That's highly unnecessary.
What I suggest is this:

- First, train Life up to Satyr. Since lacks it's own version of healing itself (that steal spell doesn't count), you'll need to assist with this.

Second, head to up to Feint. Feint will greatly assist with the damage problem will be having for quite some time.

- Unlocked after gaining access to Celestia will be school magic. Train all the damage enhancing ones (for obvious reasons - Tough, Giant, Monstrous etc.).

- Similar to the school, this will be unlocked after gaining access to Celestia. I'd recommend learning Fortity, Amplify and Beserk for the time being. Ignore the others.

- Ensure you learn elemental blades from the balance tree in Krokotopia! You don't need the traps.

Jan 02, 2011
Hi there!

If you're just going to do quests, I suggest training Life School Spells! They will really help when you are low on health. Life mastery amulet is best if you can buy one.

Jack Legend

Aug 23, 2015
I would say life, balance and death seeing as you can get satyr, elemental blade and feint. These spells are good being a low level ice since it will make you a tank which can not be killed and can support a friend that is fire or storm.
Once you get higher level I would say go for pigsie seeing as you can get a good heal on friends but if you are going solo use satyr seeing as satyr is better for a solo seeing as you only need to heal yourself and not others.

Good Luck Questing!

Kind Regards Justin StormHunter.