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ultra tiger lily

Jul 30, 2018
where can I find ultra tiger lilies I want to craft the life whirlwind mount

Jan 18, 2010
Ultra Tiger Lily one of my favorite plants can be obtained in a couple ways.

You can obviously Garden.

Try these sources;

White Tiger Lilies (Highest Chance)
Tiger Lilies
Maltase Tiger Lilies

The plant sometimes reseed.

Also note that each of the above plant has a chance to drop the seed at elder.

Next option is to farm bosses such as;

Zeus Sky Father (Zeus Exalted Challenge)

Rattlebones (Rank 7) and rank 14
Death Tendril
Krokopatra (Rank 8)
Krokopatra (Rank 14)
The Rat

Good Luck!

Also for the best results as per Gardening, if you're willing to wait, you can try harvesting your Lillies at Elder then.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Grow regular or white Tiger Lilies, they drop the Ultras.

Alia Misthaven

Aug 03, 2014
piglet1968. on Oct 5, 2018 wrote:
where can I find ultra tiger lilies I want to craft the life whirlwind mount
You can get them from gardening tiger lilies, white tiger lilies and maltese tiger lilies. The easiest and cheapest would be to buy a bunch of tiger lilies from the bazaar and plant them.

If you're high enough level you might want to farm for them as a drop. You can get them from:

boris the boarder
colonel orlov
death tendril
krokopatra (rank 8 and 14)
meowiarty (rank 12)
rattlebones (rank 7 and 14)
the rat
zeus sky father (zeus exalted challenge)

Good luck and happy crafting!

Jan 01, 2009
They are available as drops from the Maltese, Tiger, and White Tiger lily in gardening. They are also dropped by 12 or so characters in the game. Those are the only sources I know of.