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Staggering towards Legendary Gardener

Sep 01, 2009
I recently gained a level in gardening, and am now level 11. I have a question to anyone who has made it to level 15-how. How did you do it? I have plants that give 1K-3K XP at elder, I have housing items next to their respective plants, I have plants that like other plants planted what a strange sentence, anyway...how did you do it? Is it just patience and prime grouping of plants, or was there something specific you did to get from level 10-11 to level 15? I'm not looking for a "spoiler," I'm just desperate for advice. I've visited Wizard101 Central and jotted down quite a few notes, but I'm still curious how long it took others to attain level 15.

And off to harvest. Thanks in advance for any help.

Erin Ice Weaver, Arch Mage Ice and Stella, Mega Forest Crawler.

Feb 12, 2011
When the last update came out, 4 out of 6 wizards were grandmaster gardeners. As of today, still only 2 of those 4 have made it to legendary. It has been very slow, but I do not stack my gardens, and I am very conservative with my energy, as I like to have some left over for pets.
I tend to plant only one type of plant for the main crop, then only add in one of the "like" plants. (I don't need more than one boom shroom for my EMPs, for example) I garden over 7 wizards, and everyone has a focus (megas, TCs, or stuff to sell for gold)