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Stacking Modifiers?

Jun 23, 2016
Can we stack modifiers in gardening? If so which ones?

Aug 03, 2014
Andhanni on May 27, 2018 wrote:
Can we stack modifiers in gardening? If so which ones?
I might be being thick but I'm not sure what you mean!

Please can you explain?

Jan 11, 2012
yes, you CAN stack modifiers, however, not of the same type. Example, you can stack a pixie on top of the red barn farm, but you can NOT stack Maelstrom, Burning and Regular Snap Dragons together. You can only use ONE Snap dragon plant as a like. So, let's say you're gardening Pink Dandelions. The likes are:

1) Tropical Garden Gnome
2) Potted Cat Tail
3) Ball of Blue yarn
4) Pixie (spell)
5) Botanical Garden House OR Red Barn Farm (only one)
6) Maelstrom Snap Dragon OR Burning Snap Dragon OR Regular Snap Dragon (only one)

You can have all 6 of those, but on entries 5 and 6, you can only have ONE of those. Any more than one of item 6 won't count. A seed can't be planted in more than one house, but I wanted to show you the whole list from above.