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Plants Progressing Backwards

Apr 16, 2014
The latest gardening rewards for members was just amazing! I appreciated is so much! I have a question though. My Couch Potatoes were ready to progress to Mature. They would have been ready for final harvest before time ran out. However the next day when I returned all the Couch Potatoes except for 4 of them had reverted back to Young. Of course this has never happened to me before and I have a routine I follow everyday with my plants. Do I did nothing different to make this happen. So of all the times for this to happen it would have been on the week I could have got double Couch Seeds. Disappointed is saying it mildly.

So could someone enlighten me as to how this is possible? And why did it affect 20 of them and leave out 4 of them to not be affected? Makes no sense to me at all. I have been gardening Couch Potatoes for about 9 months with no apparent problems.

Thx for any kindly responses.

Scarlet ShadowStone Exalted
Scarlet FireEyes Level 52
Scarlet SwiftRiver Level 38
Scarlet GhostGarden Level 17


If those plants had wilted, once their needs/pest removal is met, they will return to the beginning of the Young stage. This is probably why you saw them go from Mature to Young.

Feb 29, 2012
My EMPs took a siesta during their mature phase for double rewards. Seemed to progress very slowly. Maybe it was because I lost a pixie for a few hours? My wife's garden did the same for all but 7 of them.
Could be a lot of things, but gardening has been glitchy for me since they came out with the Red Barn Farm. They added a like and it seemed my plants progressed slower.
Total time for my EMPs was about 4 days, or almost a full day longer than what the guides say on Central.
idk, maybe I am just not as good a gardener as I used to be?
Hurts though because I have farmed for more EMPs (bought 32 a couple years ago) and only have gotten another 2 by farming.
I have seen plants move backwards before but that was years ago. They would appear to be about at elder with needs. When I cared for them they reverted (no wilting). I think it was a fluke that they appeared to be more mature than they should have been and when they moved backwards it was to where they should have been.

Apr 16, 2014
Professor GreyStone, Please explain to me what causes the plants to wilt. Why did all wilt except 4 of them? Sorry but I still don't understand. And especially since It happened during reward week.

There has to be an answer to this some place.

Scarlet ShadowStone

Plants wilt when they have pests or needs that aren't met.

Dec 14, 2009
Couch potatoes are "buggy". The problem you described has been a common problem of them for years. It has been discussed at length on these boards, and reported by many. I have no clue why it has not been fixed after all this time. My best advice is to lose the couch potatoes, and garden magma peas instead. They are much more stable, and grow faster, with fewer needs.

Apr 16, 2014
Yes Thank You! I do in fact have several Magma Pea Gardens and have never had any real problems with them. So after the event I was able to expand to 2 more Magma Pea Gardens on one of my Lower Level Wizards. I would rather grow them also. You can put more of them in the same space it talks as opposed to Couch Potatoes. It's just the fact that I know my Couch Potatoes had NO needs and I check them twice a day on a schedule and have never had them wilt. So the week comes for double rewards and Low and Behold 20 out of 24 Couch Potatoes wilt out of No Where. I never visit the house without taking care of all the needs of all my plants. My house is not on House Tours. Especially since they added the new Icon that shows you if you have any plants with needs. So saying they wilted because they had needs is not true in this case. So it's fine I did not get the extra seeds as like you said I would rather have Magma Peas anyway. I just felt it may be a glitch or it just the General Principle that after all these months my Couch Potatoes wilt on the same week as Double Rewards.

But such is life in the World of Wizards! HaHa! I accept certain unexplainable things as part of living it The Great Spiral.

Scarlet ShadowStone Exalted