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Oh dear. maintenance and gardening

Mar 28, 2019
So, I set up a high maintenance garden. Plants that i only have pest related treasure cards for, and plants that i can only take care of in total if i stay completely on top of my gardening, to the extent that even with my beastmaster hood (The only part of the beastmaster set i have, because I was opening some crowns boosters a little while back), I'd have to take multiple full energy trips (from the looks of it, at least 2). Of course, the moment i start doing this, and i need to charge enough energy to take care of my plants (I need basically to get a full bar or to keep on top of my bar for as long as possible), i'm gonna lose four of them to wilting; my two normal Fickle Pickles, and my two White Desparagus. I can live with losing these I guess, but its still frustrating.

The only other chance I'd have to save them is to grind until I levelled up, but that is borderline impossible in the time before server maintenance. Let alone given how slow some animations are.

I'm not asking for reparations or anything like that, I'm just showing frustration. I'm gonna have to use some revival spells once everything else hits Elder, if there's even time for that before the next double gardening weekend.