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My Ultra plants won't harvest!

Aug 12, 2009
I'm gardening my first wave of Ultra plants, including helephant ears, king parsleys, boom shrooms and ninja figs, and I've started to seen some weird patterns in the new plants.

My gardening icon tells me that I still have needs or pests, when my garden is clear.

Also, when some of my ultra plants are happy, but not ready to harvest, they will dance like they're ready to harvest anyway; this is cute, but still confusing at times.

Finally, I have my Ultra plants ready to harvest, glowing and all, and I can't harvest them! This part is the most annoying bug.

I need help to keep my Ultras in order

Dec 10, 2012
Having same problem with my couch potatoes. Contacted support and all they keep telling me is to send them DxDiag file and to update my drivers. Did all that and still have trouble harvesting. Go to different character and then go back. That has helped me.