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Is Gardening Worth It?

Mar 16, 2012
I under stand that you get rewards from gardening, but is it really worth my time

- Wolf DeathStone

Jan 11, 2012
absolutely yes! It's MUCH more predictable than fishing is, and yields better results. If you pet train or do a lot of crafting, the reagents and snacks are a HUGE benefit. If you play Balance and get hit with a lot of weaknesses, gardening the right plants yields you tons of cleanse charm TCs. Also, you can get a ton of TC blade spells from the right plants too. In order to be successful you will need a pet that yields you extra energy. There's only one pet in the game that gives you energy at Baby, and they recently introduced 2 new pet abilities that add energy. Once you get the rhythm down right, gardening is a cakewalk. ALL of my 6 wizards are maxed on gardening. Gardening also ensures you have an endless supply of gold and virtually endless supply of TCs if you need to trade them for whatever reason. If you can take advantage of a LEGAL loophole and stack your plants, you can maximize your returns. The large area spell that takes care of needs (one spell per need type) can take care of 69 plants. If you stack your gardens so that you have 69 that fit in that ring, the same amount of energy goes MUCH further. There's a bunch of tutorials on stacking on youtube that you can find.

Jan 01, 2009

My opinion is that gardening is worth it in the long haul though you can get rewards such as gold, reagent, snacks and sometimes mega pet snacks depending on the plant. Gardening to me is useful to your wizard and outweighs the cons such as energy and time.

My life wizard is max so atm I have been growing evil magma pea and couch potatoes that i have farmed from mirage and Grizzleheim. i have not bought any seeds from the crown shop only farmed and i have over 80 CPs now and 12 EMPs.

Plus it is useful if you are low on gold

Mar 16, 2012
Thanks for the replies my friends! I will now start gardening!

Jan 05, 2015
I think so. Personally, I just do it because I think that it's really fun, but if you do it solely for the results then you're certainly not going wrong either and it's much more reliable than fishing.

Oct 04, 2012
I haven’t had time to Garden but for sure especially if you want mega snacks.

Apr 15, 2014
definitely is worth it but your gonna have to spend some crowns on elixirs because your probably gonna run out of energy. Also it's super useful for pet training. (main reason i garden)

Jul 04, 2013
yes. however you should start in slow. start by growing a handful (or dozen) of Stinkweed. stupid easy to grow and yield roughly 5K-10K gold worth of gold and tc (mainly poison and smoke screen with a rare chance of feint) but once you are higher up go for bigger seeds such as Key Limes and Couch Tatos. (i recommend the KL since they can multiply fairly easily). and when you grow large enough start buying global garden tc of the needs of your plants. i run 100 KL's and i always stockpile on the Supreme Sunburst, Uncanny Magic, and Bees! tc's. also get pest prevention spells. it saves energy from having to clear them every time. another good tip for huge gardens is to buy pots. save energy of planting the soil and you can move the pots around in between full cycles (seed, young, mature, elder) so you can maximize your efficiency. certain plants are good for certain purposes.

Dandelions: basic reagents for crafting.
Stinkweed: lots of money and tc and can multiply but very little garden exp.
Key Limes: small snacks but decent garden exp. can multiply and also drop Shock Keys which sell for 1080 gold a piece in bazaar.
Couch Tatos: lots of garden exp and gives medium to mega snacks. do not multiply.

so all in all gardening is indeed worth it.

Jun 28, 2018
(Tip) DO not harvest until elder harvest and YES gardening is amazing

Mar 16, 2012
If you're going to do any type of crafting or pet training then gardening is worth it.

Mar 31, 2015
If you PVP, craft or like great pets => hard Yes

If you don't => Not really.

Jul 21, 2016
Yes...it is worth it. But it also depends on what you want to garden for. Early on, I would say pet snacks would be wanted, so grow Couch Potatoes as soon as you can get the seeds. Reagents, I have had some success with Pink Dandelions. I am sure there are some I am missing, LOL. But I just can't think of them at the moment.

Apr 09, 2016