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If you could make up your own plant

Nov 05, 2011
I you could make up a plant, what would it be called? Use this format, I want to see your ideas!

-Name of plant
-Mimimum rank
-Possible Rewards

For example:

Name- Sweety Pie
Likes- Laugh-O-Dills, Baby Carrots
Dislikes- Couch Potatos, Stinkweed
Challenge- 4 trowels
Possible Rewards- Moon Pie, Sweety Pie seeds, Gold, Water Lily or Lava Lily
Appearance- A giant pie with a smiley face

I wanna see what you can come up with!
Maybe a plant that likes stinkweed!

Mar 05, 2013
I like this!
Name-Turkey Oak (a real life tree btw.)
Likes-Couch Potatoes, Breadfruit Bush, Cornbreadfruit Bush, Dead Beets.
Dislikes-Sword Fern, Saw Palmetto.
Challenge-5 Trowels.
Possible Rewards-Baby Carrots, Cranberry Frog, Candy Caned Yam.
Appearance-Looks like a big Oakish tree that has Turkey Heads Popping out of it randomly...Obviously it's audio would be 'Gobble...Gobble...'.
Can't wait to see what others come up with!

Jan 21, 2014
This looks promising!

Name: Bird Feeder
Likes: Angel Oak, Snow Apples, Moon Flower.
Dislikes: Deadly Fly Trap, Sour Fickle Pickle, Fickle pickle.
Challenge: 4 trowels

Rank: 6
Posibble rewards: Acorns, Seraph Tc, Vampire Tc, Jade, Deep Mushroom, Mote of Beauty, Mote of Wisdom, Vine, Frut and Nut bar.
Appearence: It's a big tree with small bird feeders and it attracts birds! the feeders would be brown with nuts, fruits and honey driping from them with acorns. When a bird eats it, it changes color! (hence the liking of the moon flower) It usually likes for all the flying things to live (hence the dislike of the deadly fly trap) and it hates mean plants (Like fickle pickles).

Sorry if bad spelling! and who knows, maybe one of the plants we make here could be implemented!

Isaac GoldHeart lvl 34

Jan 02, 2014
Sounds interesting...

Name: Dancing Kitty (Took from my name)
Likes: Orange Bell Peppers and Tiger Lilys
Dislikes: Stinkweed and Couch Potatoes
Minimum rank: Rank 4
Challenge: 5 trowels
Possible Rewards: Gold, Baby Carrot Seeds, and Dancing Kitty Seeds
Appearance: A grey cat with green eyes. Animation would be dancing. Audio would be some sort of music that the dancing kitty is dancing too.

Megan Rose

Dec 26, 2013
Name: Death Cap Mushroom
Likes: Stinkweed, Skull, Dragon Claw, Diseased Mushrooms, Litter
Dislikes: Angel Oak, Laugh-o-dils
Minimum rank: 5
Challenge: 5 Trowels
Possible rewards: Gold, Gloom & Doom TC, Infection TC, Dead Beet seed, Death Cap Mushroom seed - 50 XP at intermediate harvests, 500 XP at elder harvest. Always drops it's own seed at elder.
Appearance: Frowning grey mushroom with mottled green spots. Wears a black beret. Always muttering "no" in a deep angry voice.

Jul 18, 2010
Name~ Bird of Paradise
Likes~ All The Snapdragons, Angel Oak, Garden Gnomes, Pixies, and Flytraps
Dislikes~ Stinkweed, And Alligator Pear Trees
Rank~ 8
Challenge~ 7 Trowels
Possible Rewards~ Gold, Balance Blade Tcs, Sunstone, Aether, Golden Pearls, Flowering Pinapple (mega snack), Other Tcs particularly storm and myth blades/traps, other Pet snacks (ones related to birds or the jungle if possible?), and a chance of another seed.
Appearence~ it has the same animation of flapping like the snapdragons. It also looks a lot like the real flower which is blue, yellow, and orange usually. It's wings are much like the real flowers petals and its head is like a peacocks heads shape kind of (without the peacock feathers on top). It's body and head are a light blue like the color of my text, with yellow and purple wings with a few small orange and pink feathers on its head. Also it has green eyes and an orange yellow beak. Like I've said, the animation would be the snapdragons, but it'll make a bird sound instead.


Oct 11, 2010
Name: Rainbow Corn
Likes: Laugh-o-dil, Mistletoe, and Snap Dragons
Dislikes: Dandilion, Despargus, and Stinkweed
Minimum rank: 6
Challange: 4 trowels
Possible rewards: Uni-corn, Rebirth, Gold, Crowns (hey, it could happen), and Unicorn
Apperance: Looks like a unicorn with corn on it, but with a rainbow horn. Always seems to be smiling unless wilted, in which it looks like it is about to cry.

Jul 14, 2013
name: caber moss
likes: peat, wooden plank
dislikes: stinkweed, laugh-o-dil
rank: 8
challenge: 8 trowels
possible rewards: blood moss regent, wooden plank, tower shield tc, caber moss seed
appearance: flat piece of green moss with an orange beard, big calm eyes
animation: the caber moss eyes get angry, it lets out a grunt and a log get tossed out of the caber moss body, then falls and sinks back into the caber moss.

This plant is heavily inspired by the caber toss event in Scotland.