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gardening glitch,big AOE spell-tend needs;huge lag

Jul 20, 2012
hello, I sometimes have this problem where when I cast a large area spell to tend to a large area of plants with needs, massive degrade in FPS/lag, to where my game runs at like, 1 FPS every 4 seconds and on some characters, 1 FPS every 6-7 seconds. it takes around 69 ticks since I have 69 plants in the area of the spell, I am cautious when I came back later to tend needs. I know what causes this to occur, and one little way I do to make it not occur for all the plants. I think at times when you visit your house to tend the plants' needs, it seems that it will make that lag glitch occur due to a small update to the plants' likes or progress bar.

the little thing I do to prevent this from happening to all the plants is: I dig 1 small plot near where my plants are if I haven't done that before, when the plot begins to make its appearance, it would make a small lag point happen to update plants likes or progress bar, that's only causes the lag point happen just once, after that, I cast my large area spell on my plants with the needs, they then don't have that tiny update that causes lag to all of them, sometimes if i'm not sure that it would be okay to cast it, I remove the small plot I dug to make sure that that lag don't occur.

sometimes you may see your plants with the likes you currently have down make the progress bar reduced and harvest time increased. if any likes have not changed for your plants the last time you visited them, and there's a change in time for harvest and reduction in progress bar, there's a little thing I do to make the plants' harvest time and progress bar go back to their appropriate growth speed.

what I do is ( if the likes are placeable, and not in the form of lifted to a place where you want that like to stay all the time and not be moved, or either if your plants don't have pixie on them, and if you have the spell summon pixie) pick up all the likes, ( if you want it changed for a certain plant(s) ) and if you plan to cast pixie on a plant, dig a small plot somewhere, and it will do a small lag occurrence for about 1,2 or 3 seconds to update the likes of the plant(s), you'll then notice that the harvest time is greatly increased and progress bar greatly decreased with the plant showing those likes aren't there. after that, cast pixie on a plant first, ( if you want pixie there and if you have the spell lol ) then place back down the likes you picked up back where they were. again after you done that, the small plot you had dug, plow it. and it should do the tiny lag/update occurrence and make the progress bar increase and the harvest time decrease, making the plant update to its "suppose to be" growth rate.

I am wondering if anyone experiences this occurrence of that massive lag for all plants needs to be tended from a large area spell. btw, if it does occur for me like that, it kinda takes like maybe around 5 minutes to finish its need tending lag thing lol.

if anyone has any questions, lemme know, ill try to answer

Jan 01, 2014
Me and my fiance have the same lag problem, but only when we play the treasure cards to take care of all plants.

May 22, 2011
This happens to me as well when I am tending to a large quantity of my plants with one large spell. I get around 1 FPS but after about 30-50 seconds it returns to normal. This also only happens about 1/3 of the time I use the spell.

Mar 05, 2012
I've been experiencing terrible lag with the large area spells; I have close to a hundred couch and emp planted and the spells now hit one plant at a time instead of all it once like it used to. Sure, gardening is a chore but it shouldn't be a pain. I noticed the lag became consistent (every time i do plants) a couple of months ago.