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Garden Shed

Dec 26, 2013
I have a full house of six wizards like a lot of people probably do, and all of them share items between themselves. This includes items that are "likes" for plants. Garden Gnomes, Rakes, Fish Fountains, Sandwich Stations... all of the different things that make our gardens grow - better. And take up space in the shared bank.
Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a common "garden shed" that would act like a shared bank but strictly for gardening items. Any left over items could be stored there for any of your wizards to access. No more searching for that Bubbling Cauldron you know you have but can't remember which wizard has it.
It seems like it would be easy programming to "tag" any non-seed item that is a gardening "like" which would allow only tagged items to be stored in the shed. As far as gaining access to it, it could be like the "attic" function, or maybe it could even be a small shed tucked away somewhere on the grounds of all castles.

Jan 03, 2010
That seems like a good idea!
Back on my cousin's account which she abandoned not too long ago, she had quite a few wizards who were great gardeners, and who 'enjoyed' the same type of plants. She hated how you couldn't really have a shared bank between gardening items.

This would be a good implant to the game and would be a great help to garden-loving wizards!

Hannah GoldenRiver
Level 53