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Dropped vs. Bought Seeds

Aug 26, 2011
So I planted a bunch of Malestrom Snap Dragons to get rare reagents (Aether, Sunstone, Golden Pearls). The ones I planted were all drops from various monsters (mostly the Stormriven bosses, but other locations too).

Anyway, after I planted all the ones i had, I realized I had room for one more, so I bought another malestorm snap dragon from the vendor in Wintertusk.

My point is this. Despite having the same number of likes (6), the bought seed is turning elder at a much slower rate than the droped ones did. The dropped seeds turned elder today, while the bought one is at 50%.

Anyone else notice this? And anyone know the reason for it?

Mar 18, 2009
It's not the only seed doing that. I've noticed it on a few others too.