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Best plants for....

Aug 09, 2012
Hello everyone. So today I was really wanting to get the Zafaria crafting quest done, but it takes a lot of Reagents. So I was gonna ask what do you guys think are the best plants for reagents? I was thinking Fickle Pickles and Snap Dragons, but what are you guys' suggestions?

Also, what are the best plants for mega snacks? I've been gardening couch potatoes but what else could I use?

P.S. : Please don't post any crowns plant ideas. I farmed for the Couch Potatoes in Grizzleheim, and it would be way too hard to farm for Evil Magma Peas in avalon.

- Garrett Ashflame lvl 100
- Ronan Ashflame lvl 12

Oct 22, 2011
Prickly Bear plants are good for rank 8 snacks and you can buy them for gold. That's how I got started way-back-when. They do NOT reseed, so you will have to buy more when they are elder.

If you have any King Parsley, they are excellent for reagents, including black pearls, diamonds & amber. KPs can give extra seeds during daily harvests, so it doesn't take long to have a huge plot of them. Just about any plant will give you some kind of necessary reagent, possibly a seed, and TCs. You might want to look some up in the wizard101 central wiki, as the list for plants is very long to remember which ones provide what stuff.

I prefer Evil Magma Peas (I have them after years of farming & 1/2 sale days). I have about 10 plots-of-37 worth of EMPs. I have 2 plots-of-37 King Parsley, and a variety of large, medium and small plots of all kinds of plants that give me everything I need.

One of the things I did quite a lot was run around worlds and collect reagents. Krok & Dragonspyre are good for stone blocks. Buying rare reagents in the Bazaar when you have too much gold is a good thing to do. Buy all the Transmutes you can, so if you have an over abundance of certain reagents, you can transmute them into something you can use for your crafting.

Hope this helps!

Sep 19, 2009
A good plant for rank 8 seeds that always gives a seed after elder harvest is Fish on a Vine. They are rare drops in Celestia but more common drops in Polaris.

I know you said you didn't want crown plant suggestions, but for rank 9 seeds that always give another seed, these would be Couch Potatoes and Evil Magma Peas. Sword Ferns also always give a seed and rank 8 snacks.

Samantha Hawkrider Prodigious

Jul 08, 2013
But If you want pe snacks get polarian thingy bundle. But why does no one like stinkweed

Jul 06, 2011
Anytime I need stone block or fossils for crafting I head to Wysteria. Go to Pegasus place and start by the Tower of the Helephant. Standing behind the tower face the entry way.

1. Parchment where you are standing.
2. Black Lotus to the left.
3. Mist Wood right front corner.

Leave the Helephant area.

4. Stone Block to immediate left.
5. Parchment immediate right.

Cross the bridge.

6. Parchment to the right.
7. Mist Wood behind gardener.

Travel down left side of sidewalk.

(Might be another stone block here. Did this from memory.)
8. Stone Block before the stairs left side.
9. Stone Block before the stairs right side.

Up the stairs.

10. Black Lotus to the left behind second tree.
11. Stone Block to the right in the corner.

Continue down right side. Across the stairs from right to left as follows.

12. Mist Wood.
13. Stone Block.
14. Parchment.

Below the stairs on the left.

15. Parchment.

Go through archway.

16. Parchment to the right.

Up the stairs.

17. Stone Block behind the gazebo.

Down the other side.

18. Parchment.
19. Mist Wood.

At the bottom of the stairs, against the wall, slightly left.

20. Black Lotus.

Head to the right.

21. Stone Block.

Switch realms and run the route backwards. Takes about a minute to run so you never wait on realm timer to cool down.