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69 farm patched?

Jun 05, 2014
I've been trying to get started with gardening couch potatoes and its been going great. I've farming 18 from mobs and but was out of energy to make my farm, so I left it till today. Today the birthday celebration has been launched (Congrats KI btw) but my question is did they change statues bases and plots with this update as well? I've been trying to get my farm setup but the rugs are being really awkward about sticking to the statue bases and I can't fit multiple plots into the same area anymore. I presume this was a glitch but it was such a well loved and harmless one I didn't think they would change it. Confirmation anyone?

Feb 28, 2009
I would be interested if this still works to. I have seen information about this type of gardening with little to no help on how it is done.