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How do you like to organize your aquariums?

Mar 27, 2011
Just wondering how different people set up their aquariums. Do you use a single tank for each fish, or do you like multi-tanks? Do you separate them by school, location, or some other thing? Do you keep your Epic fish in a special place?

I recently bought the Botanical Garden and I'm turning it into an aquarium to display all my fish. I have single tanks for the 7 Large fish and the 9 Tall fish (I still haven't caught a Blackberry Jellyfish and of course I have to wait for Halloween for a Vampire Squid). I put all the "Schools of Fish" into a multi-tank and was going to do the same with different categories of fish (all the eels in one tank, etc.), but multi-tanks are expensive and difficult to craft because I seem to never get Motes of Wisdom (I have a ton of Motes of Beauty, but no Wisdom lol).

So how do you organize your fish?

Aug 03, 2016
Well they are soooo large.

I wish they were normal aquarium size and had an animation once a fish was added; then we could click x and go inside amidst all the actual fish at their usual size.

So the only place I can fit an aquarium is:

Inside the waterfall cave in my island retreat.

Taking up the entire ballroom in my sultan palace.

They don't look that great either location to be blunt.

I feel they are too large, and a bit gaudy. But I am not sure how else to keep fish and not clutter my backpack.

Aug 07, 2012
I turned my massive fantasy castle into an aquarium but the Botanical Garden or even Winter Wind will work as well. First get rid of the moldy looking floor in Botanical Gardens and use a Zen flooring(sand) or stones or some tan/brown color. Dragonshere housing vendor has great wall/floor for sale. There is even an underwater wall and underwater floor. For the walls wavy grass or a blue or aqua or green.

I use regular tanks. The multi's use a lot of room and are pricey. Try to buy the tanks when they are on sale. I double stack the regular tanks. I started with bearacuda/polarcuda and then went into the other cudas matching them with their opposite school-firecuda/icecuda, lifecuda/deathcuda, stormcuda/mythcuda and then balancecuda. On top of balancecuda I went into the dekois putting mainstream dekoi on top of balancecuda and the charred dekoi/frost dekoi, mud dekoi/corroded dekoi, fabled dekoi/jolted dekoi. I grouped all the seasonal in one area. I matched up the epic fish with their almost look alike common--archer/Errol Fynn, catfish/cranky catfish, boar hog/boss hog, brain sturgeon/sturgeon general, goldfinger/silver streak, mullet/bubba, dragon eel/Krotopian eel, samurai/musushi, trigger/Sam Bass, tattoo/rune, spyre eel/undead spyre eel. I grouped all the stubby sharks together matching them like I did the cudas and dekois. Then the other sharks. You could use a multi tall for all the jellyfish. The rest are by similar shapes/types.

It will take a lot of time but I enjoyed doing it. Yours will come out great however you set it up. Have fun. It took a lot of time and energy and crowns to catch all the epic ones.

Mar 27, 2011
Thanks for sharing your ideas! I've been at wok on my setup.

The Botanical Garden has a LOT of room, so I'm thinking multi tanks for the fish that have one for each school (School of Fish, 'cudas, stubby sharks, dekois). As I said, I have separate tanks for each of the 9 Tall Tank fish and the 7 Large Tank fish. I have the "sets of 3" together (the 3 types of Grunion and the Catfish, Black Catfish and Grumpy Catfish). I may do the same with the 3 Eggshell fish, and also make a section of single tanks for all the various holiday fish.

I hadn't even thought about changing the floors and walls yet, but that's a good idea. I did put a cash register that I got from a fight by the Carnivorous Plant - he's now the ticket taker, lol.

All the aquariums are indoors. The new Monstrology skill inspired me to make the outdoors a Dragon Preserve. So far I have War Wyrms, Dragon Spawn, Stray Firefliers, the Fire Spitter, Catalan, and the Bane Wyrm roaming around as house guests, along with a bunch of the little dragon pets in various colors that you can buy for gold in WC. I stuck my Blue Dragon mount in there too, along with a bunch of dragon statues. I'll be working on the Winter Wyrm next, followed by the Black and White dragons and the Pendragon. I'll probably do the Jabberwock last because the cheats make that one tough to solo even at my level. I've also seen that there's a Shadow version of the Jabberwock in Polaris - that one should be fun to get!

So dragons outside, fish inside - what could be better?

Aug 29, 2016
I was given a tank in dragonspyre and would like to know how do you put fish in it. I also have two Christmas tanks and would like to put fish in them also.

Mar 31, 2009
olddragonlady59 on Jul 26, 2017 wrote:
I was given a tank in dragonspyre and would like to know how do you put fish in it. I also have two Christmas tanks and would like to put fish in them also.
Put them down in your house.

Then click on them again and there should be a little icon that let's you put fish in the tanks

The tricky part is that only certain fish can go in certain tanks. Like some tanks only allow "small fries" and other's "whoppers" or your DS fish tank is probably only for Lava fish. In that menu if a fish can go in it will show up.

Hopefully that helps!

Sep 25, 2008
I would like to know where to fish to get large whoppers for my Christmas tank. It says I can only put large fish in there. In my easter tank I got Wizard city fish. As other places require a certain rank and gold to buy spells to stop the nibbler fish from getting into it.

Regards From Maryanne

P.S I know a bit off topic but would like to know as it fishing related to organizing aquarium too.

Jun 23, 2016
I have just begun to develop my aquariums for show. I have one fish per tank using the regular tanks. I have some Whopper tanks as well. I have to agree that the tanks seem to be a bit large compared to the rooms and have considered developing a second home just for my tanks.

On one of my toons I actually placed one in the Dorm only to learn that was a mistake in terms of space

But I will tell you that I have started with either Season or Rare and kept that focus more than any other method for now. But do plan to follow this thread to see how others see. I did like the idea of some of the different homes as well. Currently I am using a Moo Shu home, but think it is not ideal for a true Aquarium display.