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Catch of the Day Issues

Jun 23, 2016
Back in October of last year I made a comment about Catch of the Day issues. Today's Catch is the Marmalade Jellyfish. According to the Wiki Article it is only available in Shirataki Temple. Now as a level 35 Wizard, I am still in Marley Bone and not yet earned the right much less the ability to go there. I always thought the Catch of the Day was suppose to be available to everyone.

This is the second time this month it appears you need specific access to be eligible to fish for it.

Insight is appreciated.

Aug 23, 2016
Wow I wish I had know it was available in the temple. The article I read stated it was only available through one of the purchased houses.

But yeah, catch of the day should have "levels" of availability much the same way the Gravulum quests do.

Steven Ghoststalker