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Tips and Tricks for the Fire Deckathalon

Jul 03, 2009
With the upcoming Fire Deckathalon not having a leader board or global progress bar, I've started this topic so the community can share and improve on strategies so everyone can get those coveted school pets. Seeing how we no longer need to be secretive about our strategies, we can openly share our thoughts to speed up our grinding. Since we're going in blind at the moment, we can begin with how we're going to prep for the upcoming event.

We can probably assume there will only be 4 stages like before so the methods of grinding will be relatively the same. After experiencing the last 2 Deckathalon's, I can safely assume ice treasure cards are our likely attack option. Unlike the Ice Deckathalon and the use of meteor, blizzard isn't a treasure card sold from a vendor so we'll need to actually craft the TC from Kelvin or luckily find some in the bazaar. Blizzard isn't a hard card to craft, but another option is using humongofrog; this can be store bought and be an optional attack. If you participated in the Ice Deckathalon, you'll likely have a surplus of fire runes and its enhanced versions; after completing each stage you can use these to immediately craft each version of the Deckathalon decks. Since our best drops are maxed at the beginning, we'll likely be grinding in stage 4, but depending on time and requirements we might need to grind in stage 3.

After getting in the top 25 in the Ice and Death Deckathalon this will likely be the strategy I'll be using the first day until improvements can be made.

1 stage: Easily complete using Ice beetle, snow serpent and evil snowman and either blizzard or frog for 2nd fight
2 stage: Relatively the same, enemies rarely will use 3 pip spells
3 stage: Enemies will start shielding but its unknown at this moment if snow shield is a move they'll use. Here you'll start using ice blade at every first turn and building up to ice wyvern as your single enemy attack.
4 stage: These usually take some thought to greatly improve but you most likely will be doing the same wyvern technique for the first fight. The next fight is the hardest so I'd try ice blade and spamming fire shields until you can ice giant. The last fight is relatively the same as the first just watch your health and maybe fire shield first turn.

After beating all the stages, depending on tier requirements you can begin farming stage 4 for the strengthening and superior runes. In addition considering the drops are maxed day one, you might get enough runes to craft the other gauntlets from the past Deckathalon's.

Seeing how ice hits low and the Death Deckathalon enemies didn't life shield, I suspect fire wont use ice shields but rather smoke screen. I'm guessing this because death used the school specific plague as a deterrent and smokescreen is something unique to fire. If this is the case we can assume the same for future Deckathalon's with myth using stuns and storm enfeebling. Shielding may also be useless as fire tends to use DOT spells.

As for TC I recommend using fire shield, ice wyvern, blizzard, frog (if snow shield is a move), ice giant, ice blade, ice trap (possible). In addition, there are several unique ice spell in the bazaar that do more damage than wyvern and auras like infallible greatly helped getting around fire shields in the ice Deckathalon.

Pet wise, a healing pet is obvious, but you shouldn't expect a pet heal and should tailor you deck without the expectation of random heals. In addition, pet heals have long animation times and really drag down time.

Lastly, gold is a big concern. If you have any good farming areas tailored for each world/ level they'd be great for other players to keep buying tickets and treasure cards.

Good luck on the Deckathalon and I hope others contribute to this topic as I'll further update my methods as the event continues.

Feb 12, 2015
Good thoughts, Jack FireBreaker!

As for the getting gold part you mentioned, It's a good idea to farm the boss Halfang Bristlecrown in Vestrilund. He drops gear that sells for a high price in the Bazaar.

If you don't have access to Halfang, wizards of all levels can also sell their unnecessary bits and bobs that they get on their travels. They make some nice Gold!

Dec 13, 2012
As for what you said about DOT, I want to point out a few things
The biggest POTENTIAL problem would be coming from fire elf, so I would infer that having a tier four deckathalon deck would solve that problem.
Ice giant is not going to be a good spell mostly because of its pip cost, as we've seen from past deckathalon events spells with high pip cost are generally not a good option
Scald in my mind would be the biggest potential problem in this deckathalon, since there is no four pip fire spell that is a single enemy hit except for Krampus and Brimstone revenant.

I doubt that the enemies would shield as we've seen from death deckathalon
High level wizards that are reading this, I would recommend using a deck that gives a pip at the start of the battle, stats overall do not matter but the higher HP the deck gives the better, critical is going to be close to useless. Use a pip deck until you get to I would believe Fire deckathlete deck tier three, this goes obviously but if you have a deck from previous deckathalons that are a high tier this would also work until you get to tier three

As for my mind. This is what you should bring for the deckathlon floors

Floor one: Snow serpent one shot's most of the enemies here, bring one ice blade for the last level
Recommended deck layout: Four-Five snow serpents One ice blade or trap
Floor two: Snow serpent or evil snowman, Bring ice blades if you are planning to use snow serpent
Recommended deck layout: Four-five Snow serpents OR evil snowman Four-Five Ice blade tc
Floor three: I would recommend bringing ice wyvern now, can't be 100% certain on the needs for blades on this floor currently because event is offline, this is where I would recommend starting to bring fire shields
Recommended deck layout: 6-8 fire shields, 4-5 ice blades, 5 ice wyverns 1-2 ice beetles
Floor four: This is where things would be hardest, I can't make any guarantees with this floor but bring one pip hits in case the enemy lives one of your boosted hits
Recommended deck layout: 6-8 Fire shields, Triage (if discovered they use scald), 5 Ice wyverns, 2-3 Ice beetles or snow serpents, your choice

I would recommend Amplify, Fortify, and Empowerment auras in the fourth floor if things are not going your way

I hope this helps. good luck on crafting the Fiery hands of fate

Colin Crowflame- L130 Pyromancer

Jul 03, 2009
After playing in the first day, I used this strategy to get my school pet and will try to improve on areas where needed.

The Deck setup I used was:
3 ice blades
2 fire shields
2 ice wyverns
1 elemental blade
1 ice trap
1 blizzard
1 imp
1 fortify
1 fairy
1 minor blessing (optional)

1st Fight: This is relatively easy, start with an ice blade, depending on the charred hobgoblins attack you can either pass or fire shield next turn. If the hobgoblin uses anything other than fire elf use the fire shield. If elf is used, the max amount of damage you’ll receive is about 46 damage (if your using tier 4 fire deck). Finish off the hobgoblin with a wyvern.

2nd Fight: This is the toughest fight as too much damage can stack up. Begin with casting fortify, this will lessen the damage over time. Next use either ice blade or elemental blade; these 2 rounds are tricky as the enemies here have the capability to steal your charms/blades. Then cast blizzard to hopefully kill both enemies; if blizzard doesn’t finish off the burning hart, use an Imp to finish the fight.

3rd Fight: Depending on your remaining health this fight will be fast. Begin with a fire shield if your health is around 300 and cast fairy the next turn. Then cast ice blade or ice trap in any order and finish the fight with ice wyvern. The djinn typically loves to use heck hound on his first turn and it will always deal 113 damage a turn. Besides his hound, sun bird could also be cast which the fire shield could potentially weaken. Besides these 2 the only thing to worry about is the djinn using fire traps to boost his hounds damage over time. Fire elf only does 10 damage a turn and a 1 pip heck hounds are nullified.

The inclusion of minor blessing in the deck is on the off chance you need a 0 pip heal for whatever reason; you can craft these if you bought the recipe in the last Deckathalon on any of the final floors. Make a note to purchase all of the TC at the end of each stage of a Deckathalon to use for future events. Blizzard is the trickiest spell to utilize for this method as you currently can’t buy this TC from a vendor. Your only option is to hopefully find some in the bazaar or craft the TC on an ice wizard. Kelvin the ice school tree sells the recipe to ice wizards and the components aren’t too hard to obtain. The only other possible way is to craft the spell as a reward from one of the final stages. The recipe requires at least 5 ice runes and an ice beetle; note you’ll need the ice elf recipe as well to craft into the blizzard. Though this is a possible method, it requires ice runes that can only be found in elemental Deckathalons. The other spell that can’t be found from a vendor is the star spell fortify. A recipe is available from Kimba in Celestia’s Floating Lands, but you can probably find a ton in the bazaar since its often sold as rewards from gardening.

Healing pets are valued greatly, but this setup works regardless of pet intervention. Besides this, equip your best health jewel and tier 4 deck.

The only improvements that come to mind when making this deck setup the best is finding a better method for the area of effect spell (AOE). The problem lies in how much damage you take in the second fight. You can’t wait out for an ice giant since the damage over time (DOT) will eventually finish you. And casting elemental blade wastes a pip for a turn. In addition, blizzard can’t reliably be bought in a store and fortify is your best bet to mitigate all the damage yet is also not sold from a vendor. Thankfully Kings isle is addressing this with the addition of some spells in the library including blizzard and balance blade. But seeing as these may not be added for this Deckathalon, we’d need to find a more reliable AOE to use for the second fight. Frog can’t deal enough damage even with myth blade and spirit blade and sandstorm/ tempest are far too weak to kill the enemies. The only other AOE I can think of Is deer knight, but that is dependent of the bazaar as well.

Hopefully this deck setup was helpful in any way and I welcome others to improve on mine or share even better methods to assist others through the Fire Deckathalon.

Jul 03, 2009
Helpful tip, if your struggling to earn strengthening runes and superior runes, there is a method to farm them easily. Instead of farming over and over, transfer over your treasures cards to another wiz on that account. I believe you end up with around 2-3 strengthening runes and 7 superior ice runes for the progress bar rewards. If you have at least 6 wiz you can get 12-14 strengthening runes and 42-49 superior ice runes. You don't need to continually max out the progress bar, just stop before the class pet since you'll only need 1 of those. The only issue is the progress bar is randomly giving ice runes instead of fire runes, but you can at least use the materials for the ice gauntlets if you have the recipe. If you can't get someone to trade the tc back to your wiz, simply make an another account to trade with yourself.