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Ideas for deckathalon

Nov 30, 2011
I really like the new deckathalons but I have 2 changes I would like to suggest.

1. A new reagent tab for deckathalons so all of your runes and stuff are in one place to view.

2. Some way to craft strengthening runes or make them more obtainable, these are very difficult to get and are frustrating for anyone trying to get their hands of fate weapons.

Apr 21, 2009
Yeah the strengthening runes are a pain to get, I don't think it's even possible for anyone to have enough to craft any of the hands with particle effects yet. I spent a few hours every day farming Stage 4 in all of the events each day they were available, yet I only have 4 Strengthening runes total. We basically need 70 of them if we want the Ultimate Hands of Fate by the time the 7th event ends