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Complaints about the Beastmoon event.

Mar 30, 2018
Let's be real for a moment here.

Have you ever been fascinated by a unique game mode and get into it some, and then you quickly got annoyed and mad because of how unfair, broken, and unbalanced it is? Well that's how I feel right now about the Beastmoon event. It fits the three words I used. For some reason, Beastmoon is completely biased towards the other team and it's now becoming a huge annoyance how people (myself included) join games of Beastmoon dozens upon dozens of times without getting ONE. SINGLE. WIN. So my question is: Is anyone else playing Wizard101 agree with the point I'm trying to get across? Because I repeat, Beastmoon is unbalanced and a pretty unpleasant experience.

P.S.: I'm not getting myself ANY point rewards until I get a single win in Beastmoon. Guess I'm not getting my rewards then.

Sep 16, 2011
Well...what about the event has made it seem unbalanced?

Mar 18, 2009
50% of all players to enter Beastmoon......win their match.

Feb 27, 2011
The OP made me realize why allowing pre-made groups to be formed for the Beastmoon event would horribly ruin the event:

Pre-mades would quickly and easily DEMOLISH almost 100% of all randomly-created groups. I mean, they would just plain-up slaughter them. Farm them like corn.

I know it would be more fun to do Beastmoon with our friends, but for the sake of fairness--and not making the event so unfun for most players that they would quickly stop joining queues entirely--we're going to always have to take our chances with whatever mix of random strangers we get thrown into Beastmoon with.

Feb 13, 2016
I have a different complaint about the beastmoon hunt. The meanness in there is getting out of hand. Two days ago someone was so mean to my friend saying she's a terrible player and doesn't know what she's doing, etc. that she was terribly upset. I hadn't played this time around because of a similar encounter last event, but decided since it's the last day, I would try again. And right off the bat someone was horrible to me. They complained we were going to lose because I wouldn't fight. I said all I had were shields and I had shielded the person. He said something else mean and I said I would leave if he kept talking like that. He said Please Do. So I did. I do not come on this game to be belittled or treated like that. There are players of all experience levels in the beastmoon hunt. Some are playing characters they are unfamiliar with because their main choice, which they have leveled up, has been taken by someone else. It should be a fun event for everyone, but it is turning into a mean spirited unfriendly event that alienates those of us who are new to it or unfamiliar with the character they are playing. Something needs to be done to keep such nastiness out of the event or it will only been angry teenage boys left playing.

Nov 08, 2009
I have played several times, My main complaint is that the team should have a leader to direct us what to do. You have 5 or 6 players running around in different directions, like chickens without a head. Maybe there should be a tutorial in how to play to win and make it mandatory for all to read. I have had several times that I ask for help and other players are running around looking for treasure chest, instead of helping in the battles. I have had several times that, I advice not to capture any more rings or start a battle in the spiral and they don't listen. One player in one of the Hunts, just stayed in the base, so he could collect the seeds at the end, never participated. Other players flee for no reason or log out. I have several times encouraged all to stay in groups, so if we get into a battle we don't have to wait for others to come across the other side of the field, not to start the spiral battle until we have four players available. I know we need to get the pips and health. I also know everyone likes to get the treasure chest,
But once you have 100 battle coins you are not getting anymore. Battle coins are also given by the beastmoon plants, so keep them going as you play the beastmoon hunt and you will have enough to start your next game.
I learned to play four different characters, so if one is taken, I can always go to another, even though the others are not leveled up as the main one I play on that wizard. I can not see anyone being nasty to anyone else, unless they are not participating in the Hunt.
One thing, I would love to see is more Lunari, to level up. You need 650 Lunari to level up to 5 and to tier up it starts at 250, 600, 1200, and I dont know the rest, but way to many.
KI- Please make it more fun, give us more Lunari and Please give us some instructions and strategy to play.

Jun 19, 2010
Yes Codered996, I have had several fights in which the damage from the other side just did not seem to add up right, especially in the last few days of the event. Additionally I had times when I knew I had selected a hit only to find the turn pointer skip right past me. A hit that may have turned the tide on the outcome of the fight.
Scarlet and Cat have valid concerns. I have clicked "ignore" more times in the last event than I have in my 10 years of playing Wizards. Maybe it is just the changes in society and what is considered acceptable verbally. I have even left a fight because most in the team were either non-stop telling me what to do or where to go, and others were degrading my way of playing.
I have also had wonderfully fun matches in which everyone was polite, supportive, and offered tips on how to get more out of my chosen creature. I wish all matches could be like those. Even if my team lost, it was a fun time - and that is what this game should be all about - having fun. It is not the end of the world if a person tosses a hit on a different opponent, or if the fight is lost. I looked forward to seeing some of those names in future fights because I knew it would be a good time.
One of my most frustrating parts of the game is capturing the wisp pips, or playing a very slow walker. Not because of the creature's abilities once I made it to a fight. More because of the often and constant comments from the negative team mates to go to a location, or do something they wanted done. Stated as a demand then when I did not do as they firmly instructed it was followed up with very bossy nasty comments. The main reason why I no longer play PVP is due to the demands and bossy negative way of talk. There is no tolerance for other creature's ability or lack there-of.
I like playing the Cyclops, and when I finally make it to a location I do not need grief that I should have gotten there sooner, or once in the fight the "small" creatures (elf, rat, fairy) all think I have endless absorbs and a basket just over flowing with pips to toss my cards with. They are the fast runners that gobble up all the pips. I don't even have that option for more pips before a fight.
I also play the Pig and Krok, but if they are taken I grab the Cyclops. I have also played the fairy but it isn't on my top choice list. I think one way to produce more tolerance and understanding in the game would be to institute a condition that a player must select each creature at least once prior to any level ups becoming available for any of the preferred creatures. That way the fast runners that grab 3 pips would have a better understanding of all the other creature's abilities.
I admit in some matches it most likely does look like I am ignoring the circles and wandering aimlessly, in reality I am trying to locate pips before entering a fight - after all the pips have been grabbed by the faster runners. Or I am "hiding" behind a building just waiting for an opponent to leave a circle so I can go and flip it back.
I love Beastmoon events and have had a lot of good matches with great players. If only those that feel they need to bark out orders or be unnecessarily nasty and cruel could understand the old saying - "you get better results with honey than vinegar". A "TY" and "YW" go a long way. MUCH farther than "Get over here now! What are you doing? Why don't you just leave we don't need or want you". All comments I have been the brunt of during the last week of playing Beastmoon.

Jun 17, 2012
I have received lots of unsolicited advice during these beastmoon matches to "stay together" or in groups. I realize this is a nice idea, but dang near impossible to maintain. Not only because forms have different speeds, (how the heck is a wolf or ice giant going to keep up with a fairy or fire elf?), but also the frenzied race for pips. The pip race is not just when the match begins, but every time you leave a battle you have to find more. Since the battle rings are 2v2 and 3v3, (until the spiral is unlocked), you cannot keep track of your specific team mate that you are supposedly paired up with. You may be in a quick 2v2 and be full of pips and health, ready to go... when your team mate/buddy you are supposed to stick with to cap circles may be stuck in a 3v3 for half the match, or possibly stuck in a "dead circle".. (one of the grey battle circles that you get pulled in if you are grabbing pip/chest and enemy team comes by at the wrong time). I don't know how many other beastmoon players find this advice irritating, but it is highly annoying. Especially when these "team leaders" keep typing it out, stick together everyone! It is easy to do that if you have full pips and health, but otherwise, no. I also know you can increase your speed temporarily by dancing in and out of your circles but this doesn't last long and won't give you the speed of a fairy if you are a cyclops, etc.

So far that is my biggest complaint. I do love the beastmoon event very much!

Autumn WH

Jul 28, 2010
I too have experienced a few more aggressive characters though some people don't seem to understand how some beast forms work. The forms that typically take pips basically need those pips in order to function more in the fight, without at least two pips those forms would just be a free kill for the other team, I have played the Fire Elf basically the entire event so far and if I don't get at least the two pips I am just a free kill and the people with me are stuck in a 2v1 or 3v2, which at times is a guaranteed loss and loss of points.
Biggest problem I have encountered is people disconnecting or going afk during matches, without proper coordination and communication its basically a guaranteed loss, at that point if your entire team goes Spiral your extra player has to just sit around and watch, if they go and claim other rings they can get stuck in a 2v1 and give the other team free points. Sticking together in at least pairs is your best option regardless of what people say, a single 2v1 can ruin the entire match regardless of how far ahead you are.

Nov 29, 2017
On September 9th, 2019, 7:10 PM mst., during play of Beast Moon event, someone was able to capture the spiral before the gates were open. It was the first entry of the run. I took a screenshot showing that the blue team had captured the spiral and the gates were locked and it in fact shows the spiral blue and the blue team gained points early.