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Trouble starting part 2 of Empyrea

Apr 08, 2009
I've completed the required quest 'Only Mostly Done'. When I try to go and speak to Librarian Fitzhume to get the quest 'Of Note' he's not giving me the quest. Is there something I'm missing?

Jul 07, 2009

I recently completed the dungeon with medulla and headed to the infirmary. However i cannot get into the astral plane/portal. The portal is right there but i cannot get into it because there is no option to let me in, has anyone had this problem?

I already redid the dungeon 3 times, uninstall and reinstall wizard101, logged out. nothing has work.

Has anyone has this issue

As i am stuck i cannot level up or move on to other main quests and wont be able to level up or complete other worlds, if i cannot get through this portal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Jul 14, 2011
It won’t let me go into the portal either and my membership runs out soon idk what to do I can’t go on to the next quest