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Drake egg - can you hatch it?

Nov 15, 2009
Hi all Wizards who have visited Dragonspyre! Hoping that somebody can help me... :-)

I have already conquered Malistaire, so have ridden the Drake from the Academy's Dragon Roost. Obviously this means I found the necessary items to be able to do this... but I am a little confused - I thought that the Drake egg that you receive in DS was something you could hatch into a pet or a mount (other than the Drake that you access from the Dragon's Roost) - is this not so? Been looking ever since I defeated Malistaire for how to hatch the Drake egg. Been to the Drake Hatchery, nothing there, no more interactions with the Mother Drake, Ancient Drake etc. The Drake at the Dragon's Roost stays there and can only be accessed to travel to Malistaire's battle ground, so that isn't it.... I even went to WC Pet hatchery to see if something there would interact, but nothing.

Can anyone answer me? I've seen other wizards riding around on what appear to be Drakes (which are not Dragons)... please help!

Autumn Rainwhisper
Level 56 Master of Balance Wizard

I only have 4 more levels until 60 but I'm nowhere near finished Celestia (just started) and Grizzlehiem's Wintertusk, and still have a few quests left in Wisteria and DS (Finding Stone Roses etc). :-D

Jun 16, 2009
So u just got in ds? Nice! Well the drake egg canot hatch. Because ds came in like 2008 or 2009, Its kinda like before the pet feature came. Hope this helps!


Nov 15, 2009
No, didn't 'just' get in DS... been doing a little of GH, a little of DS, a little of other worlds I haven't quite finished, like Mooshu... however, I now notice that the Drake Egg is considered a Housing Item, rather than a soon-to-be-hatched Pet... the confusion started when the DS Quests kept refering to the Drake, it's armour, and how to equip it to be able to ride it to Malistaire's tower... and then you get an egg... I saw other wizards riding on what appeared to be Drakes, so I thought the egg would be hatchable.

To clarify then - the egg received is just a housing item. So I don't have to pack it around in my backpack (it's HEAVY, dude)! I wsa hoping to get it hatched, oh well.

That brings up a related point. Is there a quest in DS that upon defeating a Boss or completion of so many tasks, you receive a Drake as a Mount?

Is it even possible to obtain a Drake in any form by any method? lol ... one question just leads to yet another, and I haven't been able to find anyone who knew or could remember!

Thanks for your input.


Sep 21, 2008
The drake mounts you see people riding are from the Wyvern Hoard Pack which can be bought with crowns. If you buy a pack you dont automatically get a drake mount. So I hoped I solved this problem. As for the drake egg it's just a housing item.

Nov 15, 2009
Woohoo - thanks for clarifying that. Next time I get crowns I will be trying for the Wyvern! lol 8)

Thanks for all your responses ... it's nice to know these bulletin boards actually work!

Happy Wizarding!
Autumn Rainwhisper