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where is robe for master artisan

Dec 20, 2008
A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Raptoris wrote:
i can't find the vender that sells the "Bright Surcoat of the Paragon"

if any artisans can help plz tell me what path (labrinth, grand chasm,crystal grove) and near what the vendor is (bottom right corner of map, near middle tower, next to final boss's tower)

Thanks if you can help

The recipes for the second DS crafting quest can be bought from the school-specific recipe vendors in Moo Shu.

The recipe for the third DS quest can be bought from the main recipe vendor in Moo Shu.

Community Leader
With help from a fan site I found this info you needed
Recipe Vendor: Shan Hao
Location: Village Of Sorrow, Moo Shu

Hope this helps

Jul 31, 2009
You will find the recipe for the robe in Mooshu from the vendor that sells the recipes for your school.