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Reagents where to find them

Jul 25, 2010
redfox40 wrote:
DorcasAurelia wrote:
wintermagic wrote:
I have not found any black coal. Does any one know where to find it?

The Reagent Vendors sell it. 5 gold per piece. They also sell most of the gems, Shadow Oil, and Simple Vials.

Where do you find the reagent vendors?
they're located next to the people you get crafting quests from; every new world you unlock their reagent vendors have more stuff. The vendor in wizard city doesn't sell vials and shadow oil

Feb 25, 2009
In order to get scrap iron (and i mean TONS of it) go into counterweight east in MB and there is almost always some on the bottom floor. If there isnt exit and re-enter. I got my MB crafting quest done in like two hours.
Happy Hunting!

Jan 12, 2009
I enjoy the challenge of crafting and if they changed it (only in certin ways) it would effect, me being a Master Artisan and hopeing to get to Grand Master Artsan while also crafting the wonderful GH house, The Watch Tower Hall, if they edited crafting it might effect, or even halt, my compleation of the house. Being almost done with only 2 more types of housing items to craft having KI change the crafting process to where it would effect my house would be BAD. Like: Lowering the # of tihngs needed for each recipie, or even lowering the # of items needed for it.

On another Note here are some locations where I found the useful reagents:

Ore/Diamonds: The Dragonspyre academy with Realm hopping.
Deep Mushrooms: Almost anywhere in MooShu and in the Necropolis in Dragonspyre
Cattails: In MB (Marlybone) there is a BIG Fountain in Hyde Park I suggest looking there with realm hopping. The water way in Unicorn Way is also a good place to look in Summer or while evreyone is at school (<--- that has been proven )
Scrap Iron: (I am sharing this happily becaus eit dosent effect my collection of it at all) MarlyBone Counter Weaight (eather one) dont start the missions because you'll find some on the first floor along with some mistwood.
Frost Flowers: Go to Nidavellir there should be 1 (or if your lucky 2) frost flowers containing 1-3 flowers and grendle weed. You can also get a decent amount of Stone Blocks, Fossles, and Sandstorn

But I do have to ask, for all the other crafters out there and the future ones, that if you dont NEED the reagents for crafting (the ones that sit on the ground) or for money (<-- by that I mean if you'r running short on money for some odd reason) , please dont pick them up. It makes it harder for those of us who are crafting for fun, to pass time, or for those who need the exp. points.

Hope this helped a little :D :)

Aug 05, 2009
Aug 10, 2010
tatorsgirl wrote:
Does anyone know where to find parchment! I can never find it anywhere!

I was looking for stone blocks in the Vault of Ice, and I found parchment instead. It's not easy, I guarantee that, but you will find some.

Does anyone know a place other than the Vault of Ice to look for stone blocks? I also tried buying some in the bazaar, but they sold out THE SECOND i was about to buy.

Dec 25, 2009
sonicboom68 wrote:
In order to get scrap iron (and i mean TONS of it) go into counterweight east in MB and there is almost always some on the bottom floor. If there isnt exit and re-enter. I got my MB crafting quest done in like two hours.
Happy Hunting!

That is an effective way of getting scrap iron, but once you're done with them you have to wait 30 minutes or so to get more in that dungeon (dungeons will reset 30 mins. after you exit them).

Jun 16, 2011
I say maybe when we get the crafting table we get 10 of each regernt and 1 of each card

Jul 14, 2009
Flopinator wrote:
I post this 1 day into this expansion, but im seeing its hard to find many reagents. Im on the kroc part of the reagent quests and can't find any scrolls, i found a few stone blocks, but it takes forever.

If anyone knows of good places for different reagents please post them here.

Mist wood - I went to mooshu, keep in mind they are still hard to find. It just seems like to many people are in Wizard City to find any reagents at all.

Stone Block - Kroc in the middle of hallways, not on the sides

Ore - Kroc again. Seems like the best spots are at the end of hallways where an instance/dungeon would be.

Deep mushroom - Mooshu. on the sides of roads

Catails - Mooshu. Near water

Black lotus - Mooshu. on the sides of roads

i only did this for about 2 hours but i can tell its going to take a LONG time to get thru all of the reagent badges. any help here would be great.
Here is where i find my things,

Mistwood - Marleybone, Mooshu, and Wizard City

Stone block - Dragonspyre and Krokotopia

Ore - Krokotopia

Cat tails - In Marleybone in water. In museum

Black lotus - In the tree of life at Mooshu, You may have to search but they are there. Once your sure there isnt any more restart the dungeon.

and if anyone has trouble with Scrap iron its in Counterweight East in the beginning

Lindsey ThunderHorn Level 52 Necromancer :-D

Jun 11, 2010
Jul 18, 2009
I still can't believe how hard it is to find scrap iron. And now I see that diamonds are the hardest to find. I think this takes away from the game as it may take several months to find these items. Not to mention the quantities that are needed. It's ridiculous. Why is it necessary for these items to be so rare?

Jul 27, 2011
Mist Wood= Probkley bye the dark part of olde town and the tree's
Ore=All over krok
Cat Tails=In deep Mooshu river's
Bone=Usley in battles or Marley bone
Gear= Useley in marley bone when you figth gearheads
Parchment= In the main entrance or in the grand arena
Deep Mushrooms= everywhere to WC to DS
Stone Block= every where but mostly krok

Jan 11, 2011
treyrules12 wrote:
here is the places i found my items:

Mistwood: easy difficulty: i buy from bazzar or get in moo shu(update wil increase amount of mistwood in the areas)

Parchment:med-high difficulty: i found loads in the krokosphinx. i got 3 of them in the main entrance and 6 in the grand arena.

Cattails: EASY difficulty: found just about everywhere from wiz to ms in water.

Ore: easy-med. difficulty: i find in krok ms and ds and have over 50 of them. 100's in bazzar.

Deep Mushroom:easiest difficulty: found anywhere and everywhere from krok to ds on roads and sidewalks even ontop of fences(found 2 like that)

Scrap Iron: Hard difficulty: i am on that quest for them in marleybone now and have only aquired around 5.i got 3 from bazar and 2 from regents square.(update increases amount of these around marleybone)

Leath straps:easy-med. difficulty:found from drops or bought in bazzar(were 75 there last time i saw)

GEMS(onyx,sapphire,citrine):regeant vendors:EVERY WORLD

Gohst fire:Easy Difficulty:i buy from moo shu vendor.

Bone:easy-medium:found from drops or purchased in bazzar.

Bronze Gear:easy-med. diffculty:bought from bazzar.(not sure where you get them from but i am sure is from drops or rare item from scrap iron)Bazzar has loads though.

Stone Block:easy-Medium difficulty:Found in dragonspyre in the antheum or on no combat areas within the tower of archives:(easiest place for ME to find them)also in krokotopia and mooshu and marleybone lol.

Sorry people thats all i know of right now but i will update list every now and again of places where regeants are common. 8)

Travis&Tyler Spiritstrider- grandmaster death and fire

Thomas Spiritstrider- master diviner anyone who has any more info plz post here i think this is a great idea. :-) 8)
i need to get recipes not reagents i have so many reagents i have like ice flower from grizzleheim

but i need to know how to get recipies from peoples like in grizzleheim or mooshu plz tell me

Jun 18, 2011
Ffoor wrote:
Pretty much that's it. Those of us in testing complained the Reagent spawn timers were way to slow but evidently KI didn't believe us. Not that it really matters crafting items are low on the power side. No or little health/mana. Crapola.

i have found ORE in caves and on firecat alley in wizard city.

i have found MIST WOOD in every place, but unicorn way is best.

i have found CAT TAIL in the water on cyclops lane, and triton ave

i have found DEEP MUSHROOM only once in the fairgrounds at wizard city commons

Feb 17, 2011
Lillywing wrote:
tatorsgirl wrote:
Does anyone know where to find parchment! I can never find it anywhere!

I was looking for stone blocks in the Vault of Ice, and I found parchment instead. It's not easy, I guarantee that, but you will find some.

Does anyone know a place other than the Vault of Ice to look for stone blocks? I also tried buying some in the bazaar, but they sold out THE SECOND i was about to buy.
i had the sam problem
with amber os it got shold as i was buying it in the bazzar. i know were
you find pachmint paper u find it mostly in krokspincs

mary green bloom lvl 37 life hope i helped a littil

Oct 01, 2009
pablohosehead wrote:
While we're at it, anyone figure out where to find scrap iron yet?

you can them in marley bone and wintertusk

Oct 01, 2009
fourmyant wrote:
I have to craft 10 BLACK LOTUS for my crafting quest in Mooshu! This is ridiculas! I think it is so uncommon to find it. Anyway here is how to find Lava Lily. Go near the side of the road to Plaza Of Conquests and hanging in the lava is a Lava Lily.

you can find black lotus in wintertusk to

Jan 19, 2011
Does anyone know where to find black pearls other than in the bazar or crafting them? I need about 6 more of them for my last crafting quest.

Jenna Dragonsong

Feb 15, 2009
pablohosehead wrote:
While we're at it, anyone figure out where to find scrap iron yet?

There is scrap iron in CounterWeight East. I have a suggestion that you should ONLY use if you had been struggling to find scrap iron for months like I had:

Go to the sigil on Counterweight East. Go inside, and there will usually be scrap metal right there on the first flor. Keep exiting and entering until you get enough, and remember, sometimes there will not be any there, adn if there isn't just walk out.

But like I said, only use that as a last resort because it takes the fun out of crafting. I only used it when crafting had taken the fun out of crafting.

May 21, 2010
nadroj03 wrote:
One of the best places to find Black Lotus and mist wood for the crafting quest on Mooshu is The Crimson Fields. You will also find deep mushrooms there. On average there are two Black Lotus plants, which yield between 1-3 reagents. They will be in slightly different locations in the instance each time when you visit.

you can buy the recipe to craft black lotus from the crafting trainer in mushu. Just page over all the way to reagents, you will need a card crafting table to do so, which you can find at about any furniture vendor.

May 21, 2010
If you are having a hard time finding rare reagents, you can buy the crafting recipes from the crafting trainers. Just page over to reagents, they have them. You will need a card crafting table found at a furniture vendor in order to craft the items.

Jul 24, 2009
From my experience:
if you play sorcery stones on kifreegames up to about level 10 I have received:
1 day mounts
bronze gears
spider silk

treasure cards
rare seeds.
It seems to be random though.
Frost flowers and deep mushrooms are also in colossus blvd.

Dec 13, 2008
the place where you can find the most parchment and scrolls are dungeons in the tomb of storms in krokotopia or sometimes in the hallway into the krokospinx

glad i could help

Mar 02, 2010
Parchment and scrolls are in various rooms, halls etc. in Krokotopia. As are a few stone blocks and deep mushrooms.
Black lotus are in Mooshu along roads near wagons and behind the bell to the left as you enter the palace grounds. Sometimes black lotus give you black pearls too.
Mist wood is found all over the realms where there is grass and trees, such as Unicorn Ave in the park section. That park also has cat tails in the water area.
Other cat tails can be found all over mooshu and in Marleybone in all the fountains.
Some scrap iron can be found in marleybone and a little (if you're lucky) in Dragonspyre along with stone blocks, fire lilies (occasionally encountered with fire blossoms too).
Also in DS, lots of ore (especially right before you enter the archives area ). You can usually find a few diamonds with the ore there. Along with the stone blocks you can also find sandstone -- or even sunstone -- sometimes.
Celestia has lots of pearls and shells, including some golden and black pearls. Celestia also has kelp and sometimes aether.
If you are lucky enough to get to Celestia and earn a grand master crafting badge, you can purchase transmute cards from Avery Templeton near the base camp toward the back of the entry area. Transmute cards help you turn lesser reagents into various other 'higher level" or more rare reagents at your card crafting table. These help enormously with all your crafting. Good luck. By the way, check the bazaar and keep refreshing as fast as you can to find some of the things you are searching for, such as scrap iron. Happy crafting!

Feb 28, 2011
Idk about anyone else, but i've got tons of black pearls and I get all them from gardening. Pink dandelion, king parsley and deadly fly trap drop them. I also get lots of the CL reagents from gardening, mainly from fickle pickles, which I have 2 students dedicated to just this plant, and other students with a mix of plants.
Idk what to say about the mysterious shark teeth reagent needed for crafting by some. I havent gotten to the crafting quests that require this reagent, but I did a search and that reagent doesnt even come up, so KI or the admins need to tell us where to find that one. I noticed many new pets not showing up in the searches I do in the wizard101central.com/wiki area either. If they are gonna make the new stuff part of the game they need to get the info updated so we know what is going on also, otherwise we get frustrated and want to give up. But a few upset players may not mean much to them as long as they have enuf paying customers to keep them up and running, idk :(

Mar 17, 2011
I have a transendent pyromancer, and a legendary necromancer.
I have only read a pge of this post but it seems most of you are lacking in the TRANSMUTE skill, many craft vendors allow you to buy spells that allow you to turn common reagents into more valuable reagents.
if you are having problems finding mistwood, your expetations may be to high. The key to crafting is patience