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Quest for crafting not working?

Jun 14, 2009
I decided to catch up on an old crafting quest from Celestia, the one from Ogden Peake, in the celestial base camp. The quest is "time for tea" and I crafted everything and it was time for me to turn the quest in, but it doesn't let me turn it in? My quest helper and book says to talk to him to turn it in...but the question mark over his head is gray and he says i didnt do it. What do I do? Kingsisle please help!

Crafting the items is only half the requirement, young Wizard, you must return those items to the character that gave you the quest. Make sure you have the crafted items in your backpack the next time you talk to Ogden Peake.

May 19, 2012
i had that happen with the surcoat. I had plenty of room in my backpack and crafted the two required. my quest was done and I went to him to turn it in. only one was in my backpack though. after logging off and back on it still wasn't there. it wasn't in my bank either. eventually I gave up and spent the gold in the bazaar for all the requirements and recrafted. that was on my level (now) 77 myth.