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Legendary Artisian

Jan 13, 2010
When i wanted the crafting gear in dun dara, it said i have to be a legendary crafter. I have not got all the reagents yet, but when it says i have to be a legendary artisian does it mean i have to do al the other crafting things in other worlds or just get all the reagents?

Aug 23, 2009
Legendary Artisan is the skill level you must be before you are able to craft that item. Having all the reagents without th proper skill level won't let you bypass to craft. Each recipe has three main components crafting station, reagents required, and skill level without all three you can't craft it. So yes you will need to complete all the other crafting quests before crafting the Dun Dara items.

Feb 24, 2009
That is a link that if you want convenient links, just take the set base and put it after the link. (Ex: NPC:Eudora_Tangletree, you would copy and paste it to the end of the link, and it would send you to the page!)
Note: These links will be colored in red.

You must achieve the Basic:Badges Badge "Legendary Artisan". If you do not have this badge, you will not be able to proceed to crafting the gear.
You can start off your crafting adventure through this link:
You start off at Quest:Wizards in the Mist, from NPC:Eudora_Tangletree.

After completing these, you will finally reach Quest:Drum_a_Little_Drum, which will grant you legendary Artisan! Now this badge is an honor, it's EXTREMELY tedious to achieve, and on top of that, its a rare badge! How cool is that! :P

Now as for your gear:
For your hat and robe:
You will want to go to Location:Dun_Dara and buy them from NPC:Lewelyn as you stated. You will be able to purchase the crafting recipes for:
Your hat, Item:Mantle_of_the_Wold
Your robe, Item:Longcoat_of_the_Wold

As for your boots, you have 2 choices.
Both of these are from NPC:Shane_MacGobhann in Location:The_Wild or even furthermore specific, inside Location:Toadstool_Village.
The two choices are:
The Death-only boots, Item:Graves_of_the_Banneret
Or you can purchase the 86 Block boots; Item:Forest_Hearth_Boots

Hope I could help! Credit of all links go to the Wizard101central Wiki.

Oct 08, 2011
Well..... Yes you have to do all the other crafting quests in the other world to craft something that its required.
For example:
Item:Green Teleporter
Artisian: Master
*You must complete all the crafting quests from Wizard City-DragonSpyre*
If you want to craft something in Dun Dara that says you MUST be a Legendary Artisian, You MUST be one so basically: Crafting quests WIzard City-Zafaria

Hope that Helps

Nov 25, 2011