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Is Crafting worth the time?

Nov 08, 2008
Crafting is not worth the time. I've looked at it from every angle, but KI really missed the boat on crafting. No one wants to have to craft one item at a time. The cooldowns are absolutely ridiculous.

The only things that are semi-worth crafting are the housing items, but then again I'm not going to go do extra exploring in the various worlds to make a certain piece.

Crafting works like this:
Just pick up the reagents you see along the way, and if you happen to be able to craft something then go for it. Otherwise, don't waste your time to scourer the various worlds when, in the end, you probably won't really want the item any way.

Feb 18, 2009
KI really should change this back. Crafting is fun for some people but definitely not for the rest of us. I have been a Grandmaster for awhile now and I have close to 70,000 coins with nothing to spend it on. I am not a fan of this crafting stuff and definitely not a fan of having to spend hours upon hours walking around looking for the scrap iron. I have been to all these places people keep saying on here where they are and I'm lucky to find 5 or 6 a day and I need 80 pieces to finish the quest in MB.

This is just down right ridiculous that we are FORCED to do this crafting to get good items (that are not even close to being as good as what it use to be). I am seriously considering quitting the game because they took the challenge out of the game and replaced it with garbage. I would like to play the actual game, NOT spend all of my time having to walk around looking for these items.

My suggestion is to have KI put back the high priced clothes, such as the Hat that comes with the Dryad card in Mooshu, in the shops for those of us who rather spend the money than do this crafting non-sense.

Hunter SilverHeart
Grandmaster Pyromancer/Diviner

Mar 28, 2009
artistd10353 wrote:
I will not spend my hard earned gold to buy recipes for the crafting quests to make little nonsense stuff that is of no use to me. Also wasting all that time running around looking for the reagents. How do you ask a Master or Grandmaster to spend time and gold to make something that is good for lvl 5?
I'd much rather buy something that is useful. It is clear that this game caters to the lower levels, the rest of us are just forgotten.
I know, I know......make new wizards....fine but I will NOT delete my Masters and Grandmasters so now what?
Grizzleheim is a joke. How about a world with challenges worthy of Masters and Grandmasters with bosses that give good stuff that higher levels can use?
Maybe a world between Mooshu and DS?

Autumn Mistbreeze
Grandmaster Theurgist
no dude, its not. Its structured in a way that more areas open as you level, say ravenscar at level 20( just a example) so free players can do more. When you open the level 40 areas, then it gets like DS, well almost.

May 29, 2009
Actually peeps when you become a master artison you'll really enjoy the items you can make. You can make the coolest housing items ever! Check out the master artison in dragonspyre. Go to the Anthenum and turn right. Go down there you will find him. When you get to the interface go to the housing section. You'll see the best and coolest most awesome housing items ever!

Feb 21, 2009
Crafting is certainly not worth the time. It takes a huge amount of tedious effort to finish this series of quests. The critical shortage of diamonds and black pearls is absolutely ridiculous. I could literally spend weeks farming ore full-time without getting enough diamonds. The fact that thousands of other players are doing exactly the same thing at the same time makes it ten times harder.

At the end of all the frustration, what do you get? Some mediocre equipment and treasure cards? Furniture? There is no compelling reason to do it. KI did a very poor job on the game balance for this feature.

Feb 11, 2009
All the crafting i think is worthless. There is no point of it. All the crafting is weaker then the stuff you buy in a store or the bazzaar.

Oct 03, 2008
What really needs to be changed is the crafting quests. They should require only copy of needed item, PERIOD. Crafting quests in other MMOs only require you to craft one copy of the quest item, and Wizard101 should do so as well because it will make crafting a lot easier. You would be able to get those crafting slots quicker, and you would still have room to craft other items.

Valkoor Crow
Grandmaster Necromancer

Jun 01, 2009
bonemaker2731 wrote:
They have to do something i'm lvl 50 and crafting is all i have left to do. It took me a week to get the diamonds i needed to craft and then i had to find black Pearls which took even longer. and now they want me to find Blood moss and more black pearls. I have not found 1 blood moss in 3 days. I guess I will have to find another game to play. I have 3 lvl 50's with nothing to do. big mistake making things to hard to find crafting should be fun :( not boaring!

SERIOUSLY. We have the same problem. Level 50 and nothing to do. I AM NOT GOING TO FIGHT A TON OF PEOPLE FOR THE 1 REAGENT ON THE GROUND! Its madness. I played to relief stress not cause it. The crafting aspect needs a major over haul or to be REMOVED would be the better choice.

Aug 02, 2008

oh so you want a challenge from grizzle? i agree that crafting is kind of a waste of time..... nothing from it but furniture which I like :D but everything else is terrible lol
anyways to challenge yourself try doing jotun,ullik, and the other boss which is called gritzly or something........
anyways their life standing are
jotun;9000 storm
ullik:8000 death
gritzly(or something):8000 life
and a sapscar with 1050......

trying doing that without eliminating ullik and gritzly before the othen stormfather battle.... that will be a challenge

IT WAS!!! Had 3 other wizards to help and there was not enough info
on this quest as to what to do once inside the dungeon so we followed the quest arrow, pointed to the huge center door so thats were we went and
oh boy what a mistake! BUT we stuck with it we all died at least twice
and ported back in after healing. and the reward let me just say I had to quit playing for a few days to cool off I was so mad. experience givin hua?
whats with this home junk I DO NOT WANT! and robe hat boot ALL
NON tradable (even with your other wizards on the same account), or sellable (at the bazaar) school pacific too, BUT NOT MY school or my secondary school or even my third school Gear. Had to sell them to the shops because could not sell them at the bazaar, for like 300G each.

Ravenscar is for (After DS) Yes it is harder than DS. and a real
pain to even think of soloing it, which I'am doing because just like DS it is
next to IMPOSSIBLE to get any help with. Because
1. They are NOT fun to do like the rest of the game is
2. The rewards are a JOKE and the experience you get is just 'not worth it' for others to want to help you. Unless they have or are working on the same quest as you.

Please take the Regiments OUT of ALL BOSS drops. MOB drops is fine.

AS I have said before KI needs to separate everything to 'Its own world'
so all of the levels; 1 to 15 in wizard city, 16 to 25 Krok, 26 to 32 marlybone, and so on. That means each world will have its own bazaar
and crafting to only those levels and found only with in that world.

The Crafting Training like it is, will be changed to 'The more you craft the lower your fail rate will be' On ENHANCING the items which you already HAVE! Keep the crafting things already out there 'in game' for the
'Crafting from scratch' option.

Add stacking of regiments to make other regiments Great Idea!
like 3 ore and 1 coal make 1 scrap Iron or 1 coal and 5 rubies make 1 diamond or any 10 of the same kind of gem could be put together will make 1 super quality Gem, any 20 would make 1 ultimate quality gem and so on.
This would be used for a lower fail rate, a way to add pip points to an item.
for a few examples.

Question; Wouldn't be easier and less confusing if things were
separated to their own worlds, instead of everything in one congested

Crafting as it is now IMO; A complete waste of your Time and Gold.
1. Finding the regiments (Weeks spent maybe months)
2. Buying the regiments (if in stock at the bazaar)
3. Not enough info on the 'Recipe' on where to find the regiments it requires (Hey now that would be sweet)
4. Cool down times should be left for the real hard things to craft and 'taken out' of the real low things to craft. ( Each world now has it own scale
from easy to hard crafting items. )

to be cont... maybe

Jul 21, 2009
I have to answer the question of this post topic with an emphatic "no" - not worth the time. Easier to sell the reagents and buy things through the stores.

Jun 05, 2009
I paid for a subscription. I have been trying for two weeks to collect the items needed to craft for a quest. They are NEVER in the Bazaar for purchase and I have never found them just lying around either. I need glass vials and scrap iron. I understand it should be difficult but when you need to make five of one item which calls for 20 glass vials or 80 scrap irons and you can't collect ANY, that is asking too much and at this rate, I will never complete the quest. Not to mention, the cool down period to make each item for this particular quest is 9 hours, FOR EACH ITEM!! That is a total of 45 hours for five of the same item and nearly 43 hours for five of the second item. Are you serious? :( Is this ever going to change or am I going to be discouraged from playing the game altogether?

Mar 14, 2009
Personally, I don't think crafting is worth it. You can get better items off the bosses and the quest rewards in most cases.

I just finished Marleybone on one of my wizards. After going through all the quests there I only had gotten enough scrap iron to do half of the quest requirement. I don't see going back to Marleybone to farm for the iron for a long time, since getting the first 40 pieces of scrap iron was such a pain.

KI needs to do something to make the crafting more worth it.


1. Lower the requirements for the higher level quests. The Wizard City and Krokotopia quests weren't too bad, but from Marleybone and up it seems that the reagent requirements get ridiculous.

2. Up the spawn rate / spawn locations of select reagents. I know the spawn has been improved for some reagent, but it still seems that certain ones are very hard to obtain, especially with the high number of reagents needed for the higher level quests. I'm not sure how well the rares have been dropping for people, but 1 ancient scroll per 50-75 parchments (I had over 70 when I got my first) almost seems too rare if the items we could make became more useful to use or sell.

3. Have a reagent vendor for the common reagents. Have the prices be higher than what Zeke would sell them to a wizard. At least if someone was having a hard time getting a reagent, or needed one more, they would be guaranteed a way to get it.

4. Allow crafters to aquire other schools card recipes. Many people would like this for multiple reasons. Maybe make them accessible to a crafter after a quest line is done for each school. Another option is to allow a crafter to buy them, but have to pay double or triple the normal amount for the recipe since its not from their school.

5. Make the crafted items more useful. Make them more comparable to some of the good drop items. They don't have to more powerful then the drops, but at least make them better so they become more viable to make.

6. The cooldowns on at least the quest items should be lowered. In order to make the five Stinger of The Scorpions for the Marleybone quest, you need to wait over 8 hours to make make one after you craft one. Have the quest items maybe have really low stats and/or sell for very little so people can't abuse making tons of the item and selling them off for lots of profit. We don't make much on any crafted item anyways, so changing the cooldown wouldn't be game breaking.