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giftable craftable

Nov 27, 2013
Dear KI --

Please consider making a special craftable item giftable.

Not something that can be exchanged for value, I don't want to open that can of worms.

Just something nice that we could make for and give to our friends.

thank you

Sep 07, 2017
Yeah that seems like a good idea for people that want to show how much they care by putting hours into a piece of gear for a friend instead of their wallet. There should obviously be limits though like revered wands or no trade wands (the revered wands are supposed to be a challenge that's why)

Nov 27, 2013
Well, I wasn't thinking of gear, or anything functional, because that leads down the road of trading favors which nobody wants to see happen.

I was thinking more of ornamental things, like the kind of thing you might bring to a party in real life as a house warming present or something.