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Friends and Crafting

Jun 30, 2009

Can anyone tell me about whether or not friends can help me convert the last materials I need to finish a crafting quest?

If so, how do I accomplish it? I am assuming I send it to the part of my bank that allows the other 5 wizards on my account to grab materials needed for their quests.

Timothy Pearlflower, L118 Ice

Jan 02, 2011
Hi there!

The only way your friends can help is if they sell you the reagents in the Bazaar! However there is still a risk of people buying it before you do.

I hope I helped!
Jack Legend

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Friends can also gift you reagent bundles or packs with reagents.

Reagents cannot be traded, only sold and accessed through Bazaar if you need a friend's input/assistance.

You can as you suggested, trade reagents using your Shared Bank among your wizards on that one account.