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crimson book stand

May 10, 2009
hi, i have been working to become a grandmaster crafter. but right now im stuck in ds. they want me to craft 2 crimson book stand. but i have no idea where to get the recipe. the man who gave me this quest i balthazar dragonthorn but he doesnt have the recipe. can somebody please tell me where to get it, thanks.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Go to the crafter in MooShu. You will find the recipe under the furniture items there.

You will need lost of Black Pearls and Blood Moss to finish this item. Blood Moss is an extremely rare drop---so you will need to find lots of Mandrake and purchase the transmute Blood Moss recipe (also available in MooShu, if I recall correctly).

May 26, 2009
Another way to get black pearls/blood moss is to harvest them from plants. Pink dandelions and boom shrooms drop blood moss and black pearls.

Sep 26, 2010
Jan 05, 2011
Addler wrote:
Were in Mooshu is the crafter? What area? What is his name? More details.
he's the little lamb dude by the shops in jade palace. i forget his name, but it's probably in your quest notes for the quest. plus it says adept or novice crafter over his head. when in doubt, read your quest notes! -elijah darkthorn and crew