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Crafting cost V's Bazaar Buy?

Dec 18, 2009
I will get right to the question. WHY is it so $$ to "bazaar" craft an item v's just buying it?

My example for clerity:

_GARGANTUAN Treasure card_

In the bazaar you can BUY the card for the highest price of 375gp


Making it (after days of farming for the items to reach the level needed to make the !@#$ thing) for around 2900gp???

Is there something wrong with this picture? Penalize the people who can actually make them?

IT SHOULD be the other way around... Make it for 375gp or take the easy route and buy them from the bazzar for 2900gp.

Every game I've ever played it's allways cheaper to make your own items rather than just walking to the local bazzar and buying someone elses time and work for cheap.

Sep 11, 2010
I had the same reaction the first time I found something at the Bazaar for a dollar two ninety eight that had taken me DAYS to obtain working hard for it. Now ... I USE the heck out of the Bazaar, and for the most part I really like the way it works.

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

The Bazaar really saves a LOT of time. Don't ask them to change it ... having millions of players that are not in my school of magic dumping their unwanted stuff where I can buy it when I need it is a godsend. I am wearing a set of level 40-45 clothes someone got for killing Blackrock that I am STILL wearing at level 56 because I have not found better gear.

There ARE things you can make you will not find in the Bazaar.

The Gargantuan TC is not one of them...;)