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Crafting a judgement?

Jul 14, 2010
Hey i never did even one crafting quest but i'm working on it, once i do them all i have one question i really like the spell judgment from the school of balance and i just want to know how to make one please tell me exactly everything i will need and where to find them i would Really Appreciate it thnx for you help :) oh and i mean what recipes do i need to make a judgment or where can i make them Oh and is there anyway i can just buy one like a treasure card of one does anyone sell one because i went to the bazaar they dont have it so thnx for your help and let me know what you know and if you know anyother cool spells to make like storm lord or triton lol if i'm not to far let me know how to make them but for now let me know how to make judgment thnx :)

May 27, 2009
I don't think you can craft Judgement -- go to Niles the Balance Tree on the Krokosphinx Island and you can see what treasure cards a Balance Wizard can craft.

Mar 18, 2010
You can't craft Judgement. It is a Balance only spell. I did a teachers quest at level 28 to get Judgement. You'll have to do a Balance character to get it. :)

Megan Frostriver Grandmaster Theurgist
Megan Frostbringer Grandmaster Sorcerer

Jan 24, 2010
Sorry judgement is not craftable (hope that's a word). Besides unless you have a balance character the most damage you can deal with it is 700, even with a feint and a curse, the only non balance traps that effect balance aswell, you still have to wait for 7 pips, and by that time you will have power pips saved up which you can use to cast a more powerful spell of your own and still have pips left over. So trust me when i say this. Judgement is best left to the sorcerers. However that doesnt mean you cant create a sorcerer of your own.