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Brass and Sandstone

Feb 08, 2014
Hi, I'm trying to craft the Monstrodome and I'm getting really close!
Or... I was until a ran into a corner. I still need 50 Brass and 100 Sandstone.
I have 8/50 brass and 14/100 sandstone.
So I need to know where the best place to find brass and sandstone is.
Brass is a "Drop" item. And sandstone is a harvest item.
So where is the place to collect brass from monsters? And where is sandstone found?
(For both) I don't care if it's from a plant or from a different world.
Please I need an answer, no comments.
And I don't mind witch world it is.
- Gavin Shade, level 66-67

Jul 18, 2010
I'm unsure where to collect brass easily, I suggest either Bazaar stalking or finding a boss who drops it. I have heard though that feeding gear to pets CAN drop brass, but i've always found it unreliable if it will drop or not.

As for Sandstone you can find it pretty abundantly in Zafaria, specifically in the Savannah. Usually I'll get anywhere from 4-10 per run around in Savannah, so run through a perfect realm, then switch. You should be able to get your Sandstone from this is under an hour.

If I find a better method to brass farming i'll be sure to let you know :)

-Daniel ShadowHeart

Feb 08, 2014
Thanks, but I haven't found anything in the bazar yet. (Brass)
EDIT: I've only found 1 in 2 days.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
A lot of mobs and bosses drop these reagents, but most are located in higher worlds. I tried to cull the huge list down to something usable for a level 60 wizard.


Harvest Sandstone directly in:

Celestia: Science Center
Zafaria: Savannah, Stone Town

Gardening sources:
Deadly Helephant Ears
Evil Magma Peas
Maelstrom Snap Dragon
Fickle Pickle

You can also transmute 10 stone blocks into Sandstone using a crafting recipe. Avery Templeton in Celestia's base camp sells it.


Brass Drops from:

Imitsu Defouler (myth) in Kishibe Village & Shirataki Temple (These guys also drop Maelstrom Snapdragons & Deadly Helephant Ears!)
Otomo Mercenary (balance) in Tatakai Outpost

Kyanite Lancer (storm) Crucible. Dragonspyre (Also drop Maelstroms)

Iklaw Warriors (storm) in Savannah
Jackal Bandits (death) in Zamunda Outskirts
Impi Raiders (ice) in Zamunda

Good luck!

Alia Misthaven