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Black Pearl

Nov 26, 2009
Hey all, Belgrim MoonShade here. I see the problem with the low drop rate on black pearls. I will make one suggestion. Craft the black pearls with all the extra black lotus. I believe that it takes 15 black lotus to make one black pearl. If you collect 150 black lotus, that is already 15 black pearls. Which is only 1 shy of the 16 needed to make the 2 cloaks in Mooshu. You can buy the transmute black pearl from the same guy that gave you the quests.

Apr 01, 2009
thunderbird120 wrote:

it's true that it's bad but if you are willing to put in the time a good place to look is the tree of life, here is a tip to help, the fort, wall thing around the tree of life has 8 different spawn locations! they are outside the wall in the corners and inside where the pigs are running around.

Right. Realm hopping helps in this too. Once you find a good spwaning location for the black lotus/pearl then jump around a few time to other >>perfect realms<< to pick up more of the reagent.

Wiziard101 central, or maybe here too, have maps to where these spawn spots are.

If you have a TRAMSUTE recipie, you can always convert your lotus into black pearls.

Mar 30, 2009
I have been trying FOREVER to get black pearls and locuses. A sort of good place is were otomi. is and just look around. Also where the graves are in burial grounds. :( But if you guys have a better place to find them Plz tell me thanks.

Feb 25, 2009
heathersite wrote:
:x This is rediculous. I can't find one black pearl. I got the transmutation spell but can't find enough black lotus flowers. It takes 15 flowers to make ONE pearl, and we have to have 16 of them??? I am so mad. I have been playing Wizards since the trial time, have subscribed twice, have reached level 50 and have nothing else to do. This is the first time they have made something so hard it almost can't be done. A real mistake and people will stop playing.

just buy the black lotus tranmutation spell its 10 ores and 10 cat tails for one black lotus

Feb 11, 2010
shanealex88 wrote:
Hey all, Belgrim MoonShade here. I see the problem with the low drop rate on black pearls. I will make one suggestion. Craft the black pearls with all the extra black lotus. I believe that it takes 15 black lotus to make one black pearl. If you collect 150 black lotus, that is already 15 black pearls. Which is only 1 shy of the 16 needed to make the 2 cloaks in Mooshu. You can buy the transmute black pearl from the same guy that gave you the quests.

check your math there kid. 150 black lotus is 10 black pearls. 150/15=10. the drop rate is ridiculous though

Feb 17, 2009
hi people,

I am having trouble with this too, but i have found an easier waay to get it. Buy the transmution recipe from toshio is moo shu for black pearls and jade lotus. Then get lots of cat tails and ore and craft lots of jade lotus. It takes ten ore and cat tails to make a jade lotus. Then you will have enough to make about third or four black pearls a day. I usually get about 500-600 cat tails and ore a day. You probably have some from every world already but if you dont buy them from the bazaar or get cat tails in moo shu, marleybone ect usually around water. You find ore mostly in Dragonspyre thats where i get mine.

- Timothy Storm Vault Grandmaster fire
- Timothy Death Shard Grandmaster Storm
- Timothy Frost River Grandmaster Ice
- Timothy Novice Balance :-)

Feb 17, 2009
Sorry People,

In my earlier post I said "Jade lotus" when I was supposed to say Black Lotus but it still meant the same thing. :)

Dec 20, 2008
tatakai outpost in mushu by the blue and yellow teleport stones are a common place for black lotus's, they not as rare as people say they are.

Raptoris 8)

Jul 21, 2009
Reacently, I found a place that has TONS of black loateses. If you go to the village of Sorrow, and go to the ring with the wraith boss, then switch realms over and over and you should get three or for every half and hour.

Jun 09, 2010
BatLixir wrote:
Laurette wrote:
JUst try farming in Cave of Solitude, change realms every so often, i get a Black pearl after every 7 or 8 Black Lotus. but i can pick up about 40 Lotus per Hour of running through and changing realms

Hope that helps out


If you transmute ore/cattails to black lotus you will regret it when you get to the Dragonspyre quests. Black lotus are easy to get if you do what Laurette said. Spawns are mostly near teleporters, so use those instead of running around.

Some of the stuff said about spawn times is also not true. I have had times when I would collect a lotus, go into the lair nearby and fight the boss, and then come out to find another lotus there. The cycle is relatively short - it is just that a resource will not always spawn at a location on every cycle. If you don't find one just jump in the teleporter and move on.

I only have one so far (black pearl)

But I just started farming and got one right off the bat. I have found a better way to get black lotus. I found a spot I am farming. I just keep jumping from realm to realm. I need 20 lotus and got 8 in one day because I quit trying as I got tired. But thats not bad for the first day and in the same spot just by jumping from server to server. that is how I wound up with my pearl. So its not that hard to really harvest rare stuff if you jump from srever to server.

Aug 04, 2009

1- tatakai outpost ( past the big battle field near hingens and otomi quartermaster)
2-tree of life ( go in alone and all around the circle stone building theres some and in the building some and on the other side of the building in there on the second sidewalk there IS ALLOT!)
3- cave of solitude ( down by koto) lolz ( :( i barely see them anymore though)

Nov 14, 2008
hey i was wondering if the Raintree uniform is the last part of the DS crafting and for it you need a total of 16 black perals total 8 for one of them and i was wondering will i need anymore black lotus if so i am trying the tree of life and but have only gotten ONE black peral for about 3 runs so yea

Jan 11, 2009
i am on the same quest and i have a transmute black lotus card, and a transmute black pearl card, and i have to say, its not worth it,
hope i helped,

Blake Haven, GRANDmaster necromancer


Sep 20, 2009
you can buy a transmutate black pearl card which crafts one black pearl from 15 black lotus, its what i've been using to get black pearls.

I think you can buy the transmutate black pearl from the guy in mooshu who gives the mooshu crafting quests.

Feb 14, 2009
May 31, 2010
Finding certain reagents is more of a chore than fun. Black Pearls, Black Lotus and Ore being three that drive me crazy. And yes I know about and use the transmute spells. KI if you don't want to add more reagents or change their regenerate time then please change the recipes to need less of rare reagents.


Jan 08, 2010
Ok, I've been doing some calculations here. Say I go and buy the Transmute Black Lotus recipe card and the Transmute Black Pearl recipe card.

Now to make 1 Black Lotus, I need - 10 Cat Tails and 10 Ores.

To Make 1 Black Pearl, I need, - 15 Black Lotus'.

In turn, this now means I need - 150 Cat Tails and 150 Ores to make 15 Black Lotus' - which will allow me to make 1 Black Pearl.

Well for the crafting mission you need 16 Black Pearls to finish the mission!!!!!

Final calculations. -
2400 Cat Tails & 2400 Ores - to make - 240 Black Lotus' - to make - 16 Black Pearls.

COME ON K.I., I don't have this kind of time!!!!!!!!

Oct 01, 2010
ace05843 wrote:
The ratio is more like 1 in 120 because only ONE realm per spawning session will spawn one randomly. THe problem isn't so much the trying to find a pearl or lotus as we know where and the estimates. The problem is that it takes literarly 30-40 minutes for the lotus to re-spawn. Why KI can't use common sence and make spawning times no greater than 10 minutes especialy with over 2.4 million members and only 30 realms is beyond me.

I have been on the crafting task for 2 1/2 weaks and including spawning 3 times over a 5 hour period in early am hours amd JUST half way. This is beyond agervaiting, it is down right pointless and just shy of impossible.
Sad part is the crafting quests keep on coming and only get more redicilous and twice as expensive to make.

((((((((((((((((Really people come on if KI were to make everything easy there would be no fun. you guys might as well stop making excuses about this crafting quest just b/c you people can't handle it. i have been playing for 3 months and i have 8 black pearl i started the quest 3 days ago. so quit crying about how hard it is and give it your all)))))))))))

Feb 20, 2009
i was in the same boat, to a certain degree, when it came to the black pearls, but i also went another route with it. i purchased the transmute black pearl card, so when i got 15 black lotus', i could change them into the black pearl. also, while doing multiple farming attempts in the tree of life (even did a few realm changes), i was able to find a few black pearls, but i traveled the entire dungeon to do so. i know for a fact there are 3 black lotus flowers, and i found them mostly close to the temples within the dungeon, and some of them i found right at the very beginning. all i can say is just be patient when you are after them, in time, you will get them. another place that you can possibly locate one is battling oyotomi in village of sorrow. sometimes, there will be one located there.

Jan 21, 2010
I harvested a black pearl from my pink dandy lion. the three other times I harvested, I got a lava lilly, next time an ancient scroll, and the last time a crystal vial. Today it gave me blood moss. Pink dandy lion seems good for the rare reagents.

Jul 20, 2010
Sep 18, 2009
zebulous wrote:
I harvested a black pearl from my pink dandy lion. the two other times I harvested I got a lava lilly, an ancient scroll, and a crystal vial.

Thats really cool.

Sep 26, 2009
I got past all the crafting quests and its so irritating to have to find all of the black lotus. Now i am trying to make some school clothing for my wizard and it still takes black pearls. (they are gonna haunt me till i stop playing >.<!) Anyway, if you are, or can get to the floating land in CL, there are usually black lotus there too. The pink dandilions also seem to give black pearls.

On an unrelated note, the giving tree gives hambrosia :D. (i got it form the tree when it was elder.)

Feb 15, 2010
cbfan14 wrote:
It's a rare drop from the black lotus reagent, an already rare reagent found in Mooshu. Basically, it's a rare dropping from a rare. :(

Valkoor Crow
Grandmaster Necromancer

yeah i've only gotten one or two out of the many balck lotus flowers i've gotten

Sep 10, 2008
after i read all the posts. i think am gonna quit now :) i was working on Raintree uniform. but no point i'm tired really tired :(