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basic complaint

Jun 26, 2009
I am embarrassed to bring this up but I am really getting frustrated and frankly angry. I too have been having problems with the crafting. True you reduced the number of objects to be crafted, but you also seem to have reduced the number of reagents that a wizard can find. I Farm the areas, I keep changing realms, I find reagents, then I get one!?, maybe two if I am lucky, and the scarce reagents WOW they are really very scarce. Give us a break. I think one oin ten would be fair, without making it to easy for us, But I have been working for I cannot remember how long to get these crafting quests finished, particularly the blood moss, and the black and gold pearl. Well not quite so much the gold pearl now. Also true you can now craft the scarce reagents from the slightly more abundant base reagents but I think in reality you have only increased the demand and thus the supply of the base agents. Couldn’t you just slack off and spead out more reagents in the realms, PLEASE! At least I got that off my chest. Love the game for the most part, me and my whole family play.
Oh one more thing while I am here, could you make the monsters not quite so tight in dropping quest items. 21 battle for one object is a little ridicules.

Sep 11, 2010
Don't be embarassed.

Since the system update several weeks ago "balancing" the number of players across the servers to ease overcrowding, the "drops" from harvesting reagents and high class boss loot has suffered greatly.

I am hoping KI will get around to adjusting the prize ratio soon, but based upon the rare items I am getting from gardening it might take them awhile.

At any rate, the only way for them to know how we feel about the scarcity of drops is to tell them.

So you did exactly what we all need to do.

I agree with you. Realm hopping (which no longer works as well as it used to due to the reduced number of "perfect" servers) should not be needed to acquire the items needed for crafting quests.

And ... lol ..., KI, making realm hopping less effective was NOT the "solution" we were looking for in regards to reagent "farming" relief.

Nov 18, 2010
All I have to say is: "Preach it Pat!"

That out of the way, I certainly agree that the drops rates for items, whether they be clothing, reagents, seeds, whatever has taken a nose dive since the 'fix'. I've found that the auction house is my best friend when it comes to high level reagents and other needed items. It takes some patience, quick fingers, farming/questing for gold, and a decent-fast computer, but over the course of a week I managed to finish all three of the crafting quests in Dragonspyre in realitivly quick succession.

That said, wait until you get to Celestia, assuming you're not there already. If you think the quest item drops are low where you are...well, I'll just leave it as an unpleasant surprise. :-D

Duncan J
Lvl 54 Conjurer
Master Gardener
Master Crafter (finally!)