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Which Astral School is The Best

Jun 20, 2015
Hello wizards and witches, can you please spare a minute and help me with something?

So, one of my hobbies is to make popcorn, sit in front of my computer and watch exalted PvP. I pretty much now know most of the cool spells and techniques, but one thing that I always struggled to know is which Astral School is the best? What I noticed is:

Enchantments. You enchant one of your spells and give it better stats, like more accuracy and strength. This school is really popular, mostly because the Colossal spell (it's amazing with Tempest).

Polymorphs. Only saw it a few times. Since it's so unpopular, there must be a reason why. I Think it only changes your deck (not your stats).

Auras. Put it on yourself and for around 4 rounds you get different stats. Literally Everyone has this on PvP. I honestly would rather train Enchantments, but some of the Star spells are just Soo Good.

So which school would you guys recommend? Hope I get some replys by the time I get to Celestia!

Alexandria Dreamcatcher,

Oct 09, 2011
There is no "best school" and I don't understand why people think there is. I'd recommend getting all the damage enchantments from Sun and maybe some auras if you want them. Moon's Polymorphs change your stats and deck. However, their usefulness drops after Celestia.

May 30, 2010
Sun and Star are the better two, because they are pure power ups. The reason I dislike moon is sheerly because it is confusing, because they change into creatures and your at the mercy of what their physical attacks can do, not
To mention health increase and decrease.Overall, Sun is the best, because it can't be affected by smoke screens and is factored in before blades and traps. In reality though Sun and Star complement each other in a way that makes them both necessary.

Aug 04, 2014
I wouldn't get moon magic. It is fun to use if you are goofing around with friends but that is why there are tcs. It is not worth to train and it is better anyways to just use your own spells. Sun magic has five necessary spells: tough, strong, monstrous, gargantuan, and colossal. They boost the damage of the spell you use it on. Very necessary for second arc. Star only have a few spells that are necessary for questing the ones in the stellarium aren't that necessary. You only need fortify if you really need resist, and amplify if you can't wait for Azteca star magic. The sun magic in Azteca carries you through the game so definitely get those. Lastly , the star magic in Azteca is really good. Each school receives an aura for their school. definitely get your school one as it is a huge help in Azteca and khrysalis

Aug 09, 2012
If I were you, I'd train the following. (This is what I did) don't feel the need to do it immediately as training points are quite the struggle early on

Infallible, Vengeance, Berserk, Empowerment, Fortify, Amplify, and your school aura. If you're balance, I got both, but it doesn't matter

Sun: Strong, Giant, Monstrous, Gargantuan, Colossal. Maybe you can train up to Extraordinary, but I see no need to.

Dec 31, 2014
Definitely not Moon, polymorphs have lower stats than the average wizards after you obtain their cards, and shift spells do not make efficient use of power pips and does not get a damage boost based on your school, but instead, the moon school.

The other two schools can be useful, and they can be very good when used together.

Jul 05, 2015
i think because the enchantments are awesome and very helpful in battles

Jul 12, 2015
i prefer sun but star is very efective so you choose but those are my opinions just dont waste your training points on moon is what i say

Jul 05, 2015
Ferb AxeHammer on Jan 4, 2016 wrote:
i prefer sun but star is very efective so you choose but those are my opinions just dont waste your training points on moon is what i say
star is also fine

Oct 11, 2015
Mar 26, 2011
I can see why many people wouldn't choose to use or would underestimate moon magic, but I love it. I personally don't like to use sun just because it clutters my deck, but I do like certain star spells. I just really like being able to polymorph into the creature with the specific school you want and have it give you all good spells from that school (except for the ice polymorph. Don't use it.). I guess it is just a personal thing but I love moon magic and I hope they will continue to make more polymorph spells as the game goes on.

Jul 18, 2015
For me there is no best but the most helpful for me is Star school

Feb 12, 2012
Well, there isn't really a "better" astral school. In my opinion I dislike the moon school because you change into some creature and can only use the attacks that they would use and it is all really confusing. Moon spells in my opinion is only good in having a little fun but I wouldn't really recommend it.
On the other hand, there are sun and star. Sun is good if you are a school that doesn't really do much damage and want to boost it up, or if you are a school such as storm and fire and want a bit more accuracy you can enchant a card and your accuracy boosts up. A really popular school that everyone seems to love. The last school out of the three is star which are auras that last a certain amount of rounds. These can be used for taking more damage, blocking damage etc. Star is a pretty good school as well and people love it too. So if you really want to kind of compare them out of the three. I would recommend star and sun. I personally like star the best for more damage, and sun for boosting my accuracy since I am a storm wizard.

Aug 05, 2013
Sun is the best because of colossal. Moon sucks because its useless. Star is good but nobody uses them if they are in pvp with a balance wizard :)

Dec 19, 2013
Just get some treasure cards from the Auction House and see what you like best.

Dec 07, 2012
I personally like the Moon and Star schools. I'm a life wizard, sometimes it's helpful to use a polymorph once in a while... It's not like I'm spamming polymorphs with every single battle I go in. But I use the star school much more, to help defend myself or boost my attack or just to increase my accuracy.


Jun 14, 2016
Moon is the worst astral school, and you should not get any of their spells, save for the polymorph to Jaguar if you're not Life.

Star is decent, but you should get Sun first, since you can get (by level 58) +275 damage to your attacks for free.