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How Long is CL

Jun 01, 2014
Just wondering how long is Celestia because I want to move to Avalon and Zafaria fast to get the new spells and the Triton mostly.I play about 3-4 hours a day and Do like one or two side quests per every two areas about or mostly none,So how long would it take me?I'm also a very hardworking person in this game i rarely get distracted and just keep working.


Aug 11, 2013
At this rate I am sure you will finish in one or two weeks. That is how long it took me playing 3 or 4 hours a day.

- - - Duncan DeathCaster Level 53

Jul 10, 2009
Quote from Pirate101 Message Boards:"Skull Island and Mooshu are the same length, and Monquista is half of Skull Island. Skull Island is half of Cool Ranch, Cool Ranch is one half of Krokotopia, Krokotopia is one half of Dragonspyre, Dragonspyre is one half of Avalon, Avalon is one half of Azteca, Azteca is one half of Zafaria, and Zafaria is one half of CELESTIA, the longest world!"- Mark Laveer

And no, I don't think its that long. It took me about six months, but I only played for about three weeks of that time.

Haley MoonHeart, Promethean Thaumagture

Jul 18, 2010
Here are all the areas In celestia you will need to do in order:
Survey Camp
District of the Stars
Stellarium (dungeon)
Floating Land
Storiven Hall
Portico (dungeon)
Science Center
Crustacean Empire
Solarium (dungeon)
Trial of Spheres (FINAL DUNGEON)

So celestia is a pretty long world but if you play 3-4 hours a day (YOU'RE SO LUCKY!!!) then you'll go faster then the average person.

Aug 09, 2013
You know, to be honest, Celestia is quite a nightmare considering that after you complete Dragonspire, the game jumps over a few levels of difficulty. Since Celestia is quite a tough world, I think it will be best to get Celestia done with another person. Thats what I did in Dragonspire. Me and a random Wizard fought the Jade Oni in Mooshu, finishing Mooshu, and together did Dragonspire. Since we were pretty much on the same part of the storyline, we decided to be friends and work on the game together once both of use log in (coincidentally, we both somehow log into the game at the same time. Lol!) We work on the game together. Since we worked on Dragonspire together, we finished that world in less than a week (in about 4 days I believe we completed it). After Dragonspire, my friends decided to finish the side worlds first (Wysteria, Grizzlehiem and maybe Wintertusk) since he hasn't already, which left me alone in Celestia :(... But I am sure with a little teamwork and effort from a few friends or wizards can be a quick way to finish Celestia. Of course it also depends on how long you play the game everyday. Playing the game for about 2 hours a day can allow you to finish Celestia within a month. Not to mention some bosses and enemies in Celestia are pretty tough, so if you have friends helping you out, then not only will it allow you to get the world done faster, but it will allow you to get battles done quicker which is a crucial part of finishing the world early. See you in the Spiral!