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Getting to Celestia

May 25, 2010
So a couple years ago I was watching more advanccecd wizards on YouTube getting to Celestia via a quest called Strange Frequencies. When I was finishing Dragonspyre yesterday I was watching the quest tree on the wiki and saw that that quest is now a side quest? So it's not mandatory to do? I later got confused because I finished Malistaire and got a quest from Ambrose called Door to the Stars that sent me straight to Celestia. When I went to the Storm School to check just in case, I saw a yellow exclamation point. I got the quest anyway. When I was checking the quest dialogues of Strange Frequencies and the quests that followed on the wiki, I saw that the dialogues talked about getting a Spiral Key. How come? Do I still have to do them? Why do I have to get a Spiral Key if I already got to Celestia? Somebody help, I got really confused.

How did you guys get to Celestia?

Aug 04, 2009
I did the exact same thing and you don't have to do it. I kinda want to to do it in order but its not necessary.