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Wanadi Black Sky is too hard!!

Jun 19, 2009
OK i must agree with EVERYONE!

see i have been playing my diviner since i was 10 and when i was beating Marleybone i noticed a friend of mine was at the max level (at the time the max was 90) and she used a star spell which specifically boosted storm spells. I wanted that spell so bad. after playing two memberships and getting archmage i got to lvl 84. I was exctied to find out i finally get Galvanic Field. So i thought i was going to have a breeze with this but then i discovered you have to solo a boss. At least make an exception for storm! You really think us diviners have not had enough trouble with Kai Tengri!? WELL we have not i almost had to spend the rest of my membership working on Kai Tengri and i failed. If it were not for my pet Stormzilla,spike, i would not have leviathan! Lets get back to all wizards in general. Don't give ,,,and our trouble please!! i dont even want to have trouble! Back to buisness, 3v1 Not the best idea, ex specially for a guy who has focused his almost whole adventure seeking the hardest hit! Its not really fair we can't bring a friend in. At least one or two or three! Ugh I have tried every single tactic i did with Tengri. I am still trying right now. Diviners everywhere, ill try to beat up this guy and try and find a trick, it will work for everybody trust me i have absolutely no defense ill find something, i outta do it fast.

Jun 19, 2009
WELL i have found the strategy pretty quickly.

this is for storm guys
ok storm this is what you need to do this right
Skyscream hood
Skyscream robe
(any boots with 20 damage, i use tempest trackers)
talon of the storm owl
bears claw of storm
deep water rising ring

Here's the deal, you need to have gargantuan triton storm lord storm blade and trap to do this.
first of you put a storm blade on yourself and use gargantuan storm lord. Then you blade yourself trap wanadi and gargantuan triton. It will do 4000(aproximate) damage. so now you already have wanadi at 11,000-14,000
health! Do it again and again and again,remember to have pixies, and make sure triton has gargantuan storm blade and trap and the appropriate gear. you probably have this guy knocked and all you would need is a small hit (this is why you should pack some wild bolts but don't use em' till the very almost end. If you do this correctly its storm:1-wanadi:0! IF my sister anna winter grove runs into this and finds a strategy ill tell you it so then has an edge also. hope this worked!
oh and if you really wanna know the deck its Belenos Chivalric Gallery!
if it dosen't work consult me, fast.

Jun 19, 2009
oh and one more thing
if wanadi uses certain spells on you that mess you up, remember that i warned you this
some of this plan is luck and chance!

Feb 24, 2012
This might not help much but since I'm a storm wizard i load up on damage boost and not critical. The reason being if you get a 100% damage boost its a critical that can only be blocked by shields so if you do that he can't block your "criticals"

Jun 19, 2009
Um... you don't exactly need critical all that much. You really need is at least 87 gear damage but critical is not needed too much i don't think this guys shields and kid I do not know where you get 100% damage from but hey the more the better. And another thing, i used this on the sun boss, it made this guy easier than wanadi, way easier. One last thing, if you read its luck and chance but this plan gives you a better chance. I know this cause i have low resist to everything

Luck and Chance

Remember that the next time you lose using this plan

Jul 28, 2011
this is so true come on I am fire so 2 fire minions are just not fair first of all he has enough health he shouldn't need any minions, second him being able to critical every single round is just unfair when we critical he just goes on and blocks, I almost had him with my fire blade balance blade and backdraft but he critical frog which killed me and no block I mean come on at least drop his health to 12,000-15,000 not 18,000 no fair

Jun 19, 2009
If you beat Azteca before doing this i have a plan b (this also works for solo bosses)

Once again only for storm ( try and come back to this at 92 if this dosent work )
Skyscream Full gear ( or hat and robe with boots with 20 damage )
i discovered recently that wands won't do dang for you so they do not matter (i dont think )
i used talon of the storm owl so anything better then that is fine

Make sure you have storm lord colossals and King Artorius Storm blade and trap ( maybe a pixie or so )
do the same thing as last time blah blah blah but this time use artorius (enchanted with colossal )
its Critical you use Colossal!
Ex specially on storm lord taking out minions!
just keep at this plan and you will do it oh so perfectly
oh and have anything better then bears claw of storm and beleno's chivalric gallery with deep water rising ring

I said at least twice that this plan is luck and chance and that if you fail using it that you eventually get it
so don't come complaining to me about this plan failing unless you find any major flaws and ill say it one last time
Luck and Chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 28, 2011
LOL well I am and it was hard but I pulled it off, ok first get good critical at least 270 like me and first blade up all that good stuff then use rain of fire (cross your fingers and hope you critical xD) then minions will die soon then you want to blade up again then use backdraft (with max pips) and then BOOM I hit 14,888 weird right xD but that's how I killed

Oct 05, 2011
This boss is way to hard i tried following tutorials it just won't work and i think they either need to make this easier or at least let you have a friend

Mar 02, 2013
Br4dley02 on Dec 23, 2012 wrote:
He is impossible! I tried using my regular boss deck (I am balance with ice to tower shield, death to feint, sun to colossal, and I have fortify, amplify, and vengeance) with Sprite Guardians and Polymorph Ninja Pigs (I know, bad move on my part) but he keeps knocking me out before I can even attack him once! I don't have crowns to buy henchman, but also telling me how many and which ones I should use if I did would help.

So, can people help me by giving suggestions as to how I can defeat this boss?

Blaze WinterBlossom, Archmage Sorcerer
Blaze Laverne he is possible if you have death tc and storm tc and ice i soloed it and i am lvl 83 death
i soloed it without minions and polymorphing you just need a deer knight pet which may casts fairy and sprite and i won with that pet.

Fred Bluehunter

Mar 09, 2012
IKR!! Wanadi used Medusa on me, critical, trap, forcefield thing( I don't know what its called), I didn't critical block (Seriously, what is his critical rating??)and I ended up defeated because it did over 2k damage.

Cody Level 86 Wizard

Oct 23, 2011
I finally beated him\her after hours...Now i am stuck on the boss to get sharpened blade!

KI want us to buy henchmans

Sep 22, 2011
Here's a simple solutions just go to bazaar and purchase a storm resistance gears that will solve your problem easily also carry storm dispel and bring some back up balance and life.If you solo the boss just carry storm dispels and wear storm gears resistance.I defeated this so many times with no problem".

Oct 23, 2011
You should get the WW gear. I've easily defeated her without tc or hencman.
As long as she has more than three pips, you should keep shielding. you save pips and then use a ra for the minions to die.
Once the minions are dead, heal yourself to max and shield every three round.
when you have less than a thousand and five hunred health, heal again yourself to max.

William Goldencloud Archmage and Master

May 27, 2013
I was a level 89 balance wizard and I tried at least a dozen times to beat this boss.
And of course, it's a solo quest, so there is no way to bring in a second person.
I finally decided to buy crowns and hire a henchman. Best move I ever made.
This boss is myth, so I decided to hire the storm henchman to help (an aztecasaur).
This henchman made short work of the two fire minions. Then with just the boss left, I basically just let the henchman handle the attack while keeping him alive with health, shields and blades.
It was a long battle but we won without any one dying!
Be sure to stock a lot of pixies, myth shields, tower shields and elemental blades for your henchman.
Good luck!!
Scarlet Moonstone

Jun 15, 2013
Wamdi is not hard and he's not that powerful for the following reasons

1. he doesn't cheat

2. the best spell he has is basilisk

3. remember malistare how he was only health no attack, its the same for wanadi

4. his minions can be killed with just to deacent to all spells( i don't do that much damage and i killed them with two spells, no blades or traps)

5. even though he has earthquake doesn't mean he will use it and remember sun spells, one of he only enchants that earthquake doesn't affect.

6. he doesnt stop heals or heals himself

7. did you forget about the things that can help like........MINIONS!!!!!!!

8. even though he has spells that can kill you doesn't mean he will use them and doesn't mean you can't shield

9. he is a sitting duck for most of the battle and the reason he's killing you is that you might be taking too long to buff yoor spells, when you can just spam attacks

10. he doesn't know how to buff his spells like you would in pvp so no power house minatour

I could keep going but i said enough about how he is weak. Lets see how many people dissagree after this post.

Dec 31, 2011
My suggestion: Get great resist with myth. You are bound to have better odds killing the minions quickly without fire resist. If you have quick attacks then it should be easy to take out the minions. I'm currently doing it right now, and as a life, without enchants, you don't get good hits without a lot of blades!

Jun 16, 2011
It took me a wile, butyou can beat him.
I'm life, and I used:
1 forest lord
as many colossal as the deck will hold
blades and traps: see colossal
gnomes, gar - 1
dryad: 5
minions: see colossal

cast a minion as fast as you can.
don't blade in till right before you hit.
adjust based on your stats.

destiny owl wielder-87
amber gold gem-24
morgan dark caster-10

Sep 19, 2013
He's pretty easy for Necromancers. I beat him in three tries, and I use the term loosely.
1: I go second and flee from there, trying to get first.
2: I go second again, decide to try it, but Wanadi uses Trollquake to remove all my blades before I can crow the minions out of existence. I flee from that point.
3: I don't get my blades removed, so I crow, restoring my full health and killing the minions. I then proceed to blade and trap stack and smite Wanadi with a Dr Von.
Maybe for other schools, get a Scarecrow TC and some deathblade/spirit blade TCs?

Aug 18, 2009
It's funny to see the conspiracies that come up with this boss

While this is an incredibly difficult boss, it is not made to be impossible. I won this first try, no henchmen, no magical cheats that some people have come up with.

The key to this is when you begin, do an all target damage ASAP. Once the minions are gone, the boss is actually fairly easy. Having a good resist doesn't hurt either.

Ethan Liferinger

Apr 03, 2012
To my Pyromancer brothers and sisters, Here is the deck i used to defeat wanadi blacksky.
6×Fire blade
6×Elemental blade
2×Fire shield
2×Legend shield (-70% to death and myth)
4× Efreet
3×Fire dragon
2-3 Amplify
2×Wyldfire (only to be placed when minions are dead)

Hope this helped

Colin Spiritdust level 86

Sep 26, 2011
The way I defeated Wanadi Black Sky is (I am a was a lvl 84 balance) I put 3 minion cards in my deck, about 4 to 5 sandstorms 3 judgements, Heals ofc, couple Hydras, and about 3 spectral blasts, The way I did it is I summoned my minion second round so I had to pass first then since the balance minion spams sandstorm and hydra alot that helps, I also have about 70% damage for balance so I keep spamming Sandstorm and about after 3-4 rounds minions are dead and Wanadi is down about 3k health, Then I spam spectral blast, Hydra judgement and minion spams alot too which really helps.
In other words I let minion do most of the work.
Hope I helped.
Ethan GriffinThorn Level 86.

Dec 13, 2008
I am ice and was lvl 84 when I did this it seems very hard the key is shields at the beginning or when they have high pips always to use shields at least tower shields if you have the myth 80 percent shield that works good to also at first put on one or to blades depending on your damage then use an attack all spell and kill minions then just do what you would with a normal boss

Brahm darkblade 87