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Dun Dara gear

Apr 03, 2012
Is it me, or does anyone else think that the Dun Dara gear in Avalon is not as good a it should be? I am a , and thats the kind of gear you use for storm and ice immunity, not all-round resistance which is what i am used to. Yes, the robe has 12% global resist, but the hat only has resistance to ice and storm. Gear has just stopped at waterworks for me.

Any ideas on some new gear?

Colin SpiritDust lvl 79

Sep 17, 2012
Pretty much all the crafted gear in Avalon and Azteca are geared towards gaining immunity to a certain school. The only upgrade to universal resist gear is Hades gear at level 90. Until Hades, Waterworks is the best universal gear you can get, everything else is geared towards singel school fights.